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Obama’s Blame Game

Posted: 01/27/2010 in Politics
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You need to STOP blaming Bush for everything. This economy is your baby and has been so for over a year now. Americans are tired of your BLAME GAME.

In your speeches, you come across as arrogant, aloof, a know-it-all. This style of rhetoric may work on the campaign trail, but it’s turning everybody off to you.

Congressional approval level is at its lowest – because of the far left agenda of Pelosi and Reid. These people are history. They are some of the most despised, irresponsible spenders this nation has ever seen. We want them GONE!

Going after Republican candidates (your campaign mode) is the wrong thing to do. You need people in Congress that know their constituents, NOT just the far-left wing of their constituency, which, as you know, is NOT mainstream America. Ordinary Americans work hard for their money and relish time spent with family and leisure activities. It is morally wrong for YOU and CONGRESS to take more away from us when you can’t stop SPENDING. The amt you pay your staffers is criminal. Benefits to govt workers is triple that found in the private sector. This will bankrupt our nation and force generations to come into fiscal slavery.

Stop with the BIG GOVT agenda. We want TAX CUTS for EVERYBODY NOW! Kennedy and Reagan did it right! Don’t be another Carter! He was the worst President ever.

Keynesian economics is a FAILURE. The Market works and you need to stop bashing private business. That is what pays YOUR salary. That is where ALL INNOVATION occurs. Govt is a worthless institution that robs from hard-working people to keep itself in power.

Americans are well-informed, and whether they drive a truck or not, should not be a point of ridicule by you, or the insane Keith Olberman. You and the LEFT need to stop showing your HATRED for ordinary Americans.

READ: Mark Levin’s masterful book entitled Liberty and Tyranny. Over 1 million copies sold and read, despite NY Times’ refusal to review the book!


Democratic Congressman John Murtha insulted his constituents yet again today. It wasn’t enough to call them “racists.” He came back to explain himself and called them “rednecks.” This, on top of Obama’s earlier remarks that Pennsylvanians “cling to their guns and religion.” Have they no shame these Democrats, these un-American jerks?

Haven’t we had enough insults from these two arrogant asses? It’s time for a change alright. It’s time for these self-annointed elitists to be thrown out of office, for good. I’m not going to take this kind of abuse from elected officials, and neither should you.

And this election has proven more and more to this voter, that Democrats are mean, vicious, insulting, communistic assholes that want to control your money, your free speech, your life, and your right to own guns. If you don’t agree with their Leftist agenda, you will be demonized and they will resort to violence, if they have to, in order to get their way.

I find their tactics and rhetoric absolutely disgusting and the way the drive-by media is cow-towing to these communists is really disturbing and proof that we no longer have a free and objective press.

During a recent peaceful McCain march through Manhattan, so-called educated Obama supporters gave the peaceful marchers the finger. Any wonder why some refer to these educated pH.d’s (pile it higher and deeper, aka pinheads) and why these elitists are so reviled by the rest of us?

After this experience, I’m nauseated with the Democrats and will never ever vote for one again. And this comes from an educated economist who doesn’t share their elitist, Marxist views.

Obama mumbled, and stuttered, and stumbled when not in front of a teleprompter with script in hand.  His voice annoys me – his tempo is robotic – very annoying to listen to.  In fact, some reports showed audience members nodding off during Obama’s answers.

Obama appeared to this voter, like an inexperienced college student, rather than a seasoned politician.  Obama’s answer to every problem is government intervention.  Sorry, folks, but that goes against everything I’ve ever learned from my parents who escaped the Nazis and the Russians in Poland, and the wonderful educational foundation I got in Economics.  Government intervention is the exact reason why we are in this economic crisis today.  If Barney Frank and his leftist henchman didn’t force lending institutions to make bad loans to those who could not afford them, and Obama’s association with the radical Acorn association that uses fraud and intimidation techniques against lenders to make bad loans and steal votes

Obama sounded weak, defensve, inexperienced and seemed to stumble alot in trying to find words to come out of his mouth.  He has no leadership experience, and seemed extremely weak on foreign affairs.

Healthcare is a right?  Says who?  It’s a commodity, just like everything else – food, clothing, education.  You work hard, you save, you sacrifice and do what it takes to get what you want.  You don’t get from A to B by being handed everything on a plate.  Obama’s philosophy is so wrong for this country and will only send this nation into a deeper spiral down the black hole of socialism.

Lawyers are scum and lawyers are liars.  Having worked for lawyers for more than 20 years, I have little respect for their tactics, and Obama is no exception.  His slickness, or should I say, sliminess, just seems to ooze every time he does his sing-song voice cadence when there is no conviction behind the rhetoric. Lawyers are nothing less than trained liars – with only one purpose in their life – to win at all costs.  Lawyers will turn your own mother against you if it will help them win their case, irregardless of the truth or morality.

Obama shows little good judgment in choosing associates or advisors to his campaign.  He believes in pork barrel spending, higher taxes, and shutting down freedom of speech with the use of force.  I predict that should Obama get elected, he will bring Communism to the United States.

The Obama nation, should it become a reality, is going to be the beginning of America’s darkest days. Everything he stands for – higher taxes, gun control, redistribution of wealth, punishing productivity and savings, while expanding the welfare state – comes straight out of the book of Karl Marx and his brand of communism.  Oh, and don’t forget, Obama, Pelosi, Reed et al. can’t wait to shut down all dissent.  They want to force you to listen to their communist dogma by forcing Fox News and talk radio to offer equal time to opposing views.  But will they force those same rules on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NY Times, and MSNBC which quite obviously already march to the communist drumbeat?  

Obama and his comrades are already practicing authoritarianism in Missouri.  Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt issued a press release  on 9/27/08 exposing plans by Obama to use Missouri law enforcement to threaten and intimidate his critics.   “What Obama is doing is scandalous beyond words…abusing the justice system and offices of public trust to silence political criticism with threats of prosecution and criminal punishment.”   

Gov. Blunt’s office concluded, “Enlisting Missouri law enforcement to intimidate people and kill free debate is reminiscent of the Sedition Acts – not a free society.”

If Obama wins in November, and talk radio is curtailed from freely offering programming that listeners want, we will be living in a Communist nation, much like Russia, where Putin recently tightened the screws to the media there.  He forbid media outlets to print or speak out against the Russian government.  Those that tried to speak out were quickly shut down or imprisoned.

This is the America of the future – the Obama-nation.  This would truly be an abomination!

If you haven’t seen Bill O’Reilly interview Obama, you’ve missed great theater.  Obama looked angry, and in his usual manner, beat around the political bush.  And with Obama’s recent sexist comments about a pig with lipstick referring to Palin, you know he’s gettng nervous.  Dennis Miller said it best, when referring to Obama’s frustration, “He doesn’t know whether to defecate or wind up his watch.”  And because Obama finally realized he needs the votes of Fox viewers, he agreed to be interviewed by Bill O’Reilly.  A year ago, all Democrats poo-pooed Fox for being bias.  Man oh man, watching Obama sweat like this is just great theater!  

I just had the enormous pleasure of listening to Sarah Palin address Alaska when she arrived back in Fairbanks this evening.  Wow, what a great extemporaneous speaker she is – she exudes enthusiasm, warmth, smarts, accomplishment and her love of Alaska and her people.

Sarah Palin brilliantly delivered her speech at the Republican National Convention tonight, saying that being a mayor is sort of like being a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities.  As governor, she stood for reform, stood up to lobbyists, and even fought corruption inside the Alaska Republican party.

Sarah Palin is a reformer and a maverick, like John McCain.  She is for family, energy independence, and is going to Washington for the right reasons, not to mingle with the “right” people or media types.  When Sarah Palin walked on stage, she received a standing ovation that lasted more than 10 minutes, something that neither Democratic nominee experienced during their convention.  

Sarah Palin hit a home run with her speech tonight.  She showed brilliance, humor, integrity, commitment, love of country and family, and showed strength and resilience in light of the recent stabs by the leftist media about her personal life.   She is a breath of fresh air, the future of politics, not the stale stench that comes from Joe Biden’s do nothing Congress and his front man, a man of no experience, a man who wrote to memoirs, yet not one important piece of legislation has he authored.

And here’s a little history lesson – anytime a woman has broken through the glass ceiling, it was more often than not, a woman on the right, a conservative – like Margaret Thatcher, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Carly Fiorina.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ running back, Lynn Swann, was born into a Democratic family in the 1950s.  He was wide receiver for the Superbowl champs back in the 80s.   He eventually grew up to be his own man, and embraced the values of the Republican conservative movement, not a typical act by an African American superhero.  Today, Swann is campaigning for John McCain because he believes in what McCain stands for.  He says that Obama doesn’t represent his values.  Swann is pro-life, pro-gun, lower taxes and less government – quite the opposite of the Democratic platform.

In a similar fashion, Democrat Joe Lieberman, Al Gore’s VP running mate in 2000, just spoke at the RNC, speaking directly to Independents, Reagan Democrats, and disgruntled Hillary voters.  Lieberman stressed that it’s not about party, it’s about country.  Which man has the character and experience to lead our nation?  Well, we all know it’s not Obama, a 3-year junior senator who has spent the last 2 years running for president, and voted “present” more times than taking a stand on important issues.