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We’ve seen what socialist (big government) policies have done to Europe – countries are going broke, wasteful spending on entitlement programs to ever-growing number of recipients (unions, universal healthcare, lavish pension plans and early retirement programs) are crippling economic growth leaving taxpayers with less discretionary money to spend and save for their own family’s needs and wants.  People are getting poorer, while business owners are creating fewer jobs due to lower demand for their products and services.

Call them Democrats, Socialists, Statists or Leftists.  Their ruling agenda is the same – take as much money away from private individuals who work, and from corporations, in order to give this money to people who don’t work – just to buy a few more votes so the statists and their bureaucrats can remain in power.

And the Left disguises this theft as social justice, fair share, compassion and caring.  In reality, it’s nothing but THEFT veiled in lies.


Tonight on the Glenn Beck show, I urge everyone to watch Beck’s latest documentary, “The Revolutionary Holocaust” which will take us through the history of the world’s worst tyrants of the 20th century, and the millions they murdered, all in the name of social democracy and social justice.

I urge everyone to watch this tonight, DVR it to show it to your friends, family and most importantly, your children. If you’re a parent, you should be worried that these facts of our recent modern history are NOT taught to our children in public schools today.

Learning about the roots and causes and the horrors of collectivism and those who promoted such agendas (Hitler, Mao, Stalin et al.) is vital to our and our children’s freedom.

Beck relies are extensive research, historians, experts and those who lived through these horrors to bring to light the truth about the Left and those who call themselves “Progressives” – and why they are so dangerous to our future and our liberty.

Author David Horowitz knows all too well about “Progressives.” In his autobiographical, revealing book, “Radical Son” Horowitz details his growing up as a Marxist to progressive parents. Publishers Weekly wrote of Horowitz’ autobiographical journey from Left to Right, “His teacher parents were New York City Jewish Communists full of angst and false conviction; young David emerged convinced at least that ideas were important.”

I bring up David Horowitz because his book is captivating, it is fascinating, and will make you appreciate Glenn Beck’s timely documentary all the more.

Glenn Beck is author of several books, including: Arguing with Idiots, Common Sense, and An Inconvenient Book.