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Michael Mann, the so-called climate scientist who spliced together data from different datasets and created the hockey stick graph used in Gore’s Inconvenient Truth flick, is a hoaxster. When approached to do an audit of his science, Mann could not deliver the original datasets (says he did not know where the original data was) or where it could be found. This means that no one has been able to review Mann’s data and come to the same conclusions he did. In science, this is called FRAUD. Not one scientist has been able to review his data in order to try and replicate his results. This is not science – this is politics!

Today, Mann’s original premise that CO2 is the cause of global warming has been dispelled by thousands of climate scientists. The fact is that CO2 levels were much higher, some 800,000 yrs ago, during a very cool period on earth. And the medieval ages (1300-1400) was a much hotter period on our planet, a time with very low levels of CO2 concentration. Historical evidence clearly shows that higher temps occurred years before CO2 levels went up.

Mann and Gore want you to believe that CO2 levels are the cause of global warming, when, in fact, the opposite occurs.  Warmer temps cause CO2 levels to rise.  Yet the drive-by media and their leftist agenda won’t demand that the Scientific Community take a serious look at the data Mann collected to confirm his ridiculous hypothesis.
Mann’s research also ignores the obvious – effects of the sun, our orbit and degree of tilt or wobble have had far more significant effects on earth’s climate.  A good friend, who is a UCLA Graduate Meteorologist, was outraged with Mann’s conclusions because, as he said, “No credible climate scientist would ever publish such preposterous conclusions about climate temps without taking the sun and its effects on global temperatures into consideration.”   Mann’s research and Gore’s movie never mention these factors and how they influence global temperatures.

For more insight, read Stephen McIntyre’s talk to Ohio St. Univ May 16, 2008 – you can download his research paper at this website: