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We’ve seen what socialist (big government) policies have done to Europe – countries are going broke, wasteful spending on entitlement programs to ever-growing number of recipients (unions, universal healthcare, lavish pension plans and early retirement programs) are crippling economic growth leaving taxpayers with less discretionary money to spend and save for their own family’s needs and wants.  People are getting poorer, while business owners are creating fewer jobs due to lower demand for their products and services.

Call them Democrats, Socialists, Statists or Leftists.  Their ruling agenda is the same – take as much money away from private individuals who work, and from corporations, in order to give this money to people who don’t work – just to buy a few more votes so the statists and their bureaucrats can remain in power.

And the Left disguises this theft as social justice, fair share, compassion and caring.  In reality, it’s nothing but THEFT veiled in lies.


Daily Kos crowd are communists, pure and simple.  Leftists don’t give (as in parting with their own money) to help the poor, uneducated and uninsured.  Just ask, when was the last time a leftist liberal invited a homeless person to their home for dinner, or paid the health insurance for a poor illegal family, or offered to pay for the education of a poor, underprivileged child??  Liberals also don’t give to charity as much as non-liberals – that’s a fact confirmed by several recent studies.

They have only one solution to every problem – taxing you to death.  They view government as the big nanny they can rape whenever they invent another global crisis in the name of their secular religion de jour:  (“we have a moral obligation to accept global warming”).

Leftists are the Party of Greed – they only want to take what’s not theirs.  They want your money, your freedom, your property, and your mind.  These are the 21st century Stalinistas.  Best to stay away as far as possible from these parasites and wackos, lest you become mesmerized by their “feel good” crimes against humanity.