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McIntyre’s blog was awarded “Best Science Blog for 2007”.  To my skeptics, true, Stephen McIntyre is a Canadian businessman, who did not believe and did not take for granted what was being spoon-fed to him by Gore, Mann etc., so he put together a team of scientists equally curious to examine Mann’s data and his results.  Unfortunately, Mann said he did not know where his data was or where legitimate scientists could go to examine it in order to replicate his conclusions!

They even took samples from the same tree that Mann did and got different results!   John Coleman, meteorologist and founder of the weather channel claims Gore’s movie is full of mis-information.  A colleague of mine, a climate scientist from UCLA, read Gore’s book and his book review was summarized in two words:  “Bull shit.”

Both John Coleman and my colleague informed me that increased CO2 levels do not cause temperatures to rise (as Gore and Mann would have you believe).  In fact, the opposite has been historically true.  Whenever there were periods of warming on the planet, they were followed by increased CO2 levels, meaning that the “warming” caused the CO2 levels to rise, not the opposite.