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Sorry, Mr. Obama, but as an independent female voter, I cannot vote for you.  I am educated as an economist and market analyst, and your policies on higher taxes and more government spending are wrong for America.  Government’s job is not to re-distribute income (that’s communism).  In case you haven’t learned in Econ 101 – a country cannot spend it’s way into prosperity. 

Government’s job is to protect our borders, our security, and our rights.  Nothing more.  You need to re-read the Constitution.  And, government should be doing everything to increase oil production at home, but your party refuses – and the Democrat-controlled Congress are responsible for inaction in reducing our dependence on foreign oil.  We have plenty of oil at home – but you have created a world run by terrorists.  Why?  Because you have funded them with American gas dollars.  Shame on you.  I have spoken to and with hundreds of educated females and they refuse to support your communist economic stance.  Americans want less government intrusion in their lives, not more.  Shame on you Obama for not protecting our rights, and only proposing stealing more of the money earned by the  hardest working Americans.  Stealing from the rich to give to the poor is still stealing.  And stealing is wrong!


Here are the FACTS:

According to the US Census Bureau, households with $100K+ income are the fastest growing segment of our population, up from 19.7 million in 2005 to 22.2 million in 2006, an increase of 13%.  Democrats/Liberals/Leftists would have you believe that Americans are suffering and getting poorer.  Not true!

While those households making $100,000 or more grew by 13 percent, the number of households with incomes less than $25,000 decreased by 5.1%

So this tells us that fewer American households are earning less than $25,000, which translates that America is getting richer, not poorer, as the goofy, ranting Liberals would have you believe.

In addition, the growing number of $100K+ households show and an increase in minority and female led households.

So, folks, the lesson to be learned here is:  GET THE FACTS, instead of paying any atteniton the emotional rants of unstable and unreasonable whores who only want to steal more of your money via bigger government and more handouts.

There’s a good article in this week’s Economist entitled Credit Crisis dated April 3rd, 2008.  I’m an Economist by education and agree with the statement made in the article, that “Crises are endemic to financial systems.  Attempts to regulate them may do more harm than good.”

In listening to a recent talk show, one caller was a retired mortgage loan underwriter.  She spoke out about the current credit mess and said that the problem is not entirely the fault of lending institutions. 

When lenders allowed “stated income” instead of “proof of income” on loan applications, thousands of borrowers lied through their teeth and overstated their incomes in order to qualify for a house they basically could not otherwise afford.  In other words, they perjured themselves on legal documents.

So Democrats/liberals/big government hacks want to lay the blame entirely on lending institutions which is so idiotic and so typical of government reactionary tactics!  The blame should equally be placed on the borrowers who lied about their incomes to get a loan.  You can slap regulations on the lenders, but that does not excuse the false information that borrowers presented to lenders.  Borrowers should also be held liable for perjury, if nothing else, which in my opinion, should be a finable offense.

“The notion that the world can just regulate its way out of crises is thus an illusion.”  A sophisticated financial system such as ours has its ups and downs as institutions learn ever more complex ways of dealing with people.  But to simply create a tightly regulated financial system will “condemn an economy to grow slowly.”  One only has to look at declining economic growth in Europe.

Put some of the blame where it belongs – on borrowers.  Don’t give them a pass or offer to excuse their contracted obligations.  Lenders should go after those borrowers who lied on their loan applications and get judgments against them for perjury.  If they did not qualify to buy the house, they should not be offered government assistance to bail them out.  That’s like letting go of a murderer and punishing the gun manufacturer instead.  Idiotic!

Rewarding bad behavior on the part of consumers, which is what Democrats want to do, will only guarantee the perpetuation of more bad behavior.  Government should stay out of our wallets and private business.