Why Mainstream Media & Obama Will Lose

Posted: 07/17/2012 in Media Bias

I believe this election will be a referendum on the shrinking influence of the Mainstream Media.

Mainstream Media is losing ground with American TV audiences.  Instead of defending Americans against an over-bearing government intent on regulating and taxing every aspect of our lives, it has become the henchmen for the big-government agenda of the Left aka the Democratic Party.  For that reason, it’s losing viewers in historic proportions.

Already suffering their lowest ratings in decades, talking heads like Erin Burnett, Andrea Mitchell, Soledad O’Brien, Diane Sawyer, keep spewing their garbage to an ever-shrinking Leftist audience.  People are basically sick and tired of mainstream media kissing Obama’s ass and propping up his Communist Agenda.  The 4th estate was originally put in place to guard our freedoms against an overbearing government.  Today, the MSM, is their propaganda arm.

Today’s mainstream media are seen as anti-American screwballs who have been brainwashed by liberal professors into believing and projecting an increasingly Communist/Marxist worldview.  Is it because those in mainstream media are stupid?  Do they lack critical thinking skills? Or are they brainwashed by leftist ideology to the point of no return?  Do they really think that stealing from the rich to give to the poor actually solves any economic problems?  Is the LEFT really THAT STUPID?

The manner in which the LEFT reflects bias can be found in its current attempt to harass Mitt Romney about previous tax returns (which he’s not required to do) — yet will not question Obama or any of his associations about his college applications, grades or papers he’s written.  They don’t even want to ask Why is Obama spending millions on hiding all this information from the media and the public?  Why aren’t the media even curious about Obama’s background?

My theory  – the media has a political agenda, which happens to coincide with the big government, leftist view of the world – that government should run every aspect of our lives.  A few good journalists exist that haven’t drunk the Marxist Koolaid – John Stossel comes to mind.   He still believes in individual freedom, limited government, lower taxes and free markets.  Andrew Breitbart was another New Media pioneer who fought the hypocrisy of Left Media with every breath he took, until his dying day.  I also think this is how most Americans (and immigrants) feel.  And the recent explosion of conservative media outlets (breitbart.com, newsmax.com, dailycaller.com, newsmax.com, theblaze.com etc.) and bloggers like Michele Malkin, to name a few, is nothing more than a retaliatory phenomenon to the extreme left-wing view of the big networks.  At least now Americans can choose the media they wish to consume.  Unfortunately, media’s transformation from being impartial guardians of our freedoms to reflecting partisan political points of view on both sides is a direct result of liberal professorial tenure at our public colleges, which allows people who have never owned a business or engaged in commerce to pontificate on how the world should work.  An old saying comes to mind, “Those that can’t do, teach.”

It’s my contention that most Americans still believe in the Constitution, American Sovereignty, limited government and free markets.  For that reason, we are seeing more activism on the right, more mothers and grandmothers and small business owners getting active on social media, starting blogs, joining discussions, tea party groups etc. to network with other like-minded Americans.

If the mainstream media is a reflection of mainstream American – then we can kiss our liberties goodbye this election as Obama wins a 2nd term.  But, if mainstream media is NOT a reflection of the concerns of real Americans, then I believe Mitt Romney will be our next President winning easily.  I’m betting on the latter.


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