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The state of Illinois, my former home state, is going broke.  State agencies are scrambling for funding that is vanishing.  Full story here.  The City of Stockton, CA has already filed for bankruptcy, with others not far behind.  And politicians don’t get it.  Their only remedy is to raise taxes, because they fear that if they make any cuts to any programs, they will be thrown out of office.

We have trained our politicians that the only way to get our votes is to give us something.  I’ll tell you my philosophy — any politician that tries to sell me some new program, or some new government giveaway is on my DO NOT VOTE FOR list.  I’m sick and tired of politicians claiming to want to help the poor and disenfranchised, while all their big government lamebrain schemes are making all of us poorer for it.

This is why I love the Tea Party Movement so much.  These are ordinary taxpayers (Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, conservatives etc.) who are so fed up with government waste and spending, that these concerned taxpayers are attending townhalls, council meetings, writing on blogs, Facebook and Twitter, writing their representatives, getting letters to the editor published, i.e. getting their voices heard.  I am among this group and love knowing there are millions of voters just like me, fed up with Big Government and their Socialist, anti-Capitalist, agenda.

So now I look for candidates that seek to shrink Government, abolish programs, agencies, taxes and regulations.  I don’t need some pencil-pushing bureaucrat telling me how to live my life nor have to hear how these “annointed” ones plan to spend my money.

So if politicians and their bureaucratic henchmen don’t get the message, concerned voters and groups, like myself, will do all we can to inform and persuade other voters to throw these big-spending, lying politicians out of office, like we did in 2010.

November is upon us and it’s time we made BIG CHANGES to who and how America is governed.  We need to abolish ObamaCareTax along with all the crippling regulations and taxes that Obama dragged in behind him.  We need to throw Obama out of office, his czars, his pseudo intellectual anti-business academic advisors and tell them to go start a real business before telling Americans how we should run ours.

This November, it’s time for HOPE and CHANGE, real change!


Artur Davis, former prominent Obama backer, left the Democratic Party in May 2012 and is now a Republican. Davis expressed extreme disappointment with today’s SCOTUS decision.

And, former Clinton advisor, Dick Morris, said in an exclusive interview: “Now that the only way to get rid of Obama’s healthcare overhaul is via the ballot box, it could persuade more people to turn out and vote against him in November.”

It’s going to re-energize conservatives, tea party movement, libertarians and any who treasure their liberty, to come out and vote against Socialist Big Government provacateur, Barack Obama.

Look what it’s done for the Romney campaign, today alone — he’s already raised over $1 million and it’s not even noon yet.

According to Bloomberg, Jobless claims decreased by 6,000 to 386,000 in the week ended June 23.  So let’s look at the reality of this folks.  If new jobless claims are averaging over 300,000 each week, that’s a loss of over 1.2 million jobs per month.  In one year, that translates to 12 million jobs lost under Obama, just in the past 12 months.  So let’s assume Obama’s claim of creating 4 million jobs is accurate.  That means that America lost 8 millions jobs just in the past year under Obama’s economic policies.  It’s simple math:  12 mil jobs lost – 4 mil jobs Obama thinks he created = 4 mil jobs that have disappeared during Obama’s tenure.

Any way you look at it, it means that Obama’s economic policies are a complete and total failure!  And how any thinking American could vote to re-elect this type of politician, this charlatan, this empty suit, is beyond pale.  It means they are voting because of his race and ideology alone, and not on his record, which is a record of failures.

SCOTUS confirmed today that Congress does indeed have the power to tax.  But it does not have the power to force individuals to engage in commerce.

So, expect today’s ruling to be a blessing for conservatives in that Obama must now sell the already unpopular healthcare law as a TAX!  Most Americans feel they’re already taxed to death.  And even after Obama vehemently replied during the George Stephanapolous interview that Obamacare was not a TAX, the Supreme Court ruled that it, in fact, is a tax.

And we know how popular raising taxes is going to be in this recession.  Stock market is already reacting – plunging downward.  Plan to see more layoffs and downsizing and closing up of small businesses as their taxes go up.

This decision will only re-energize the Tea Party Movement (made up of libertarians, conservatives, independents, and some democrats) who despise Big Govt and its power to tax us to death.