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Tiger the Sick Sexual Predator

Posted: 12/07/2009 in Sports

This is an open letter to Tiger Woods:

Tiger (“Cheetah” is your new nickname), you are an unscrupulous whore and sexual predator of women. 9 Mistresses and counting, and all sleazy women, at that, show your lack of character, integrity, intelligence or class.

And sorry to burst you bubble, Tiger, you are not good looking. Your lips are too big and your brain is too small. You are the scum of the earth and every woman I know will boycott all of your sponsors, your tournaments etc. Count me as one of them.

You bring sleazy waitresses to your house and fuck them in church parking lots all the while the Enquirer is filming your tryst?!?! Then your organization pays them for their silence with a magazine cover on Fitness Magazine as payback? I heard you had to beg Conde Nast into allowing you to do that. Surely they knew something was brewing.

You then have a close friend buy one of your whores an airline ticket to meet you in Melbourne, while Elin stays home with your 2 children? You then proceed to have Ambien Sex with this whore, Rachel Uchitel, who has a reputation of sleeping with married men and celebrities?!? The nerve of her to even suggest she is pissed to learn you have other whores at your beck and call.

“You will be judged by the company you keep.” And you Mr. sleazeball — associate yourself with sleaze, only because you have a lot of money. You are a misogynist sir, one that should be put away for your whoring ways. There is no other reason why any of those women would sleep with a married man – to later get money, either from you, or from selling their story to the tabloids. You are one fstupid idiot.

Cheetah, you are the scum of the earth. Do the world a favor and NEVER play golf again. You will be boooed out of the biz, you sicko freak!