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Dr. Ben Chavis has created a miracle of sorts in Oakland and writes about it in his new book, Crazy Like a Fox.  In 2000, Chavis took over the American Indian Public Charter School and has exploded every liberal myth about education. Chavis despises multiculturalism, and after being told by his dissertation committee to make his dissertation more politically correct, he started to question the liberal sacred cows of eduction – culture, self-esteem, bilingual ed, etc. He makes students wear uniforms and focuses on English and Math. Chavis embraces standardized tests and praises Bush’s “No Child Left Behind Act.”

On school funding, Chavis claims taxpayers have been conned for years into thinking that schools just need more money to produce better results. “The financial incentive in American is to be a failing school.”

And hiring more minority teachers isn’t the answer. Chaviz believes the political agenda of ‘We need more Indian teachers, we need more black teachers, is a racist agenda. What the kids need are great teachers, not propanda.

We all know that the Left Liberal Education establishment will try to destroy Chavis because they only want to maintain the status quo – keep stealing more money from taxpayers, while doing nothing to improve education. All the political propaganda about self-esteem, sensitivity and multiculturalism is a bunch of crap and only causes more divisinessness in the classroom, breeds class hatred, warfare, and victimhood, while doing nothing to raise the learning standards of students.

Chavis created a Student set of Ten Commandments. I’ll just share number seven with you:

“Thou shalt beware of quacks who believe in communism. Thos hast the quickest route to freedom through free market capitalism and private property ownership. Hast thou ever heard of illegal immigrants risking their lives to enter Cuba?”

Chavis’s book is available at the Freedom Books/Amazon store.