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Sotomayor is considered by her peers as having the wrong judicial temperament for the high court.  She believes in legislating policy from the bench, is a poor listener, and as a lawyer, was a lousy litigator.  Her compelling life story is no different than the story of Alberto Gonzalez, yet Democrats stonewalled and opposed his confirmation to the bench, despite his poor Latino roots, only because he was a Republican.

The Senate has a constitutional duty to vet her properly, ask probing questions and get answers as to her racially-based decisions.  She clearly does not believe the law should be color-blind.  Instead of simply pandering to Obama’s leftist, bigoted agenda, her record should be a subject of acute scrutiny by senators on both sides, particularly when her record shows that 80% of her decisions have been overturned by the court of appeals.  That’s a horrible record and one liberals don’t care to discuss or defend.
Bottom line, she’s a lousy judge, and a bigotted one, by her own admission.   With this nomination, one has to question Obama’s agenda.  He clearly does not want a judge that follows the law, but shoots from the hip and legislates from the bench.   
This horrid nomination will be a black mark on his historic (or rather hysteric) presidency.