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Dang it! Those damn oil companies are polluting the entire solar system! Or that’s what the idiot fringe on the global warming left would have you believe. From MIT, to the St. Petersburg’s Observatory, to, all are reporting increased temperatures on at least 4 planets aside from Earth.

So how do Global Alarmists (aka Al Gore disciples) explain that one? They don’t! They ignore facts and like all religions, keep banging on the static bible of “oil caused gloal warming” mantra.

There is a mountain of evidence showing that increases in temperature on Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Triton are being caused by changes in the sun, NOT affluent Americans driving those big gas-guzlling SUVs! Go to,, and read for yourself, you fringe lunatics and get educated.

Earth, in its early history, approximately 385 million years ago, had an atmosphere with 10 times the present CO2 levels. How does Al Gore explain that one?? He doesn’t and neither do his crazy followers. They are so invested in their religion that they refuse to open their ears and choose to ignore all facts. It’s like talking to the extreme Right about their religious beliefs. No different.


How much more Botox can this woman inject into her face? She’s starting to look as bad as Joan Rivers, or Cher – who have been left expressionless following their mannequin-turning procedures. This delirious woman continues to waste taxpayer dollars by using expensive military aircraft to fly herself and her family to Europe on a vacation. I am outraged by this kind of brazen, slap in the taxpayer face, flagrant disregard of their oath of office and promise to curb spending by elected officials. Obama’s administration says one thing (turn your thermostats down and curb your spending), while he and his Democrats are doing just the opposite.

Pelosi should be fired on the spot. She and her idiot sidekick, Harry Reid, are incompetent legislators. Why? Because they only know how to spend your money. They don’t give a damn about you the taxpayer.

Time to stop these idiots from dragging this country down the road to bankruptcy and turning it into a third world country, by firing these idiots next election.

Like all typical lawyers, Obama only knows one way of dealing with problems – keep throwing money at it, and if that fails, throw more money at the problem. The problem is that he is throwing away OUR money. And he doesn’t give a damn who he hurts in the process.

Obama is proving to be a lier and a hypocrit.

* He tells Americans to turn down the thermostat and conserve on energy, yet heats up the White House to 80 degrees – because it reminds him of Hawaii.

* He wastes jet fuel to the tune of $57,000 per hour, by flying around the U.S. to sign documents in Denver and elsewhere, instead of staying in Washington and saving taxpayer dollars. Instead he continues wasting OUR money.

* He promised “no more earmarks” yet the new spending bill contains more than 9,000 pork barrel projects, like money for tatoo-removal in California, research into manure smell, and other such nonsense.

* He ignores the market and the fact that Americans are losing all of their retirement savings. The market is a reflection of America’s “expectations” and right now it is showing they have NO CONFIDENCE in the Obama budget.

His leftist economic policy and his lack of economic intelligence is coming close to that of our worst failed presidency in history, that of Jimmy Carter. Obama, I predict, will be a one-term president – a failure right from the get go.

Obama is failing and failing big. What a big disappointment Obama has turned out to be.

It doesn’t take more than a few brain cells and basic knowledge of the free market, that what Obama is doing, will fail and he will be destroying the lives of all Americans in the process. He will be held accountable for failing the American people, those who entrusted him to look after them. The stock market clearly despises his budget and it continues to slide with every announcement that is hurled out of the liberal leftist White House. I predict his will be a far worse presidency than Jimmy Carter’s and that he will be a one-term president.

Strangely enough, Obama taught at the University of Chicago, home to Nobel Prize-winning economist, Milton Friedman and the Chicago School of Economics that he founded. Too bad none of that free market wisdom or intellectual curiosity ever spilled into Obama’s brain. You would think he would have, at the very least, attempt to learn and understand the basics of Economics.

And not letting up is Obama’s effeminate, ballerina henchman and attack dog, Rahm Emanual, who, together with Paul Begalla and James Carville are once again riding Rush Limbaugh’s coattails in trying to become relevant once again. Hah! Fat chance that will ever happen! Those two goons are part of scam, initiated by Emanuel, to distract Americans from seeing what is really happening. Democrats and Obama DO NOT want to debate the budget or the 9,000 earmarks in it. This type of misdirection only means they are feeling vulnerable when it comes to Obama’s omnipetence. He promised bi-partisanship. He promised transparency. He promised no earmarks. And he promised no lobbyists in the White House.

Obama lied and continues to lie to the American people every single day. The Obama White House is nothing more than the same old hack politics that Americans voted to destroy. Shame on socialist Obama for dragging us down into his brand of hell.