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Democratic Congressman John Murtha insulted his constituents yet again today. It wasn’t enough to call them “racists.” He came back to explain himself and called them “rednecks.” This, on top of Obama’s earlier remarks that Pennsylvanians “cling to their guns and religion.” Have they no shame these Democrats, these un-American jerks?

Haven’t we had enough insults from these two arrogant asses? It’s time for a change alright. It’s time for these self-annointed elitists to be thrown out of office, for good. I’m not going to take this kind of abuse from elected officials, and neither should you.

And this election has proven more and more to this voter, that Democrats are mean, vicious, insulting, communistic assholes that want to control your money, your free speech, your life, and your right to own guns. If you don’t agree with their Leftist agenda, you will be demonized and they will resort to violence, if they have to, in order to get their way.

I find their tactics and rhetoric absolutely disgusting and the way the drive-by media is cow-towing to these communists is really disturbing and proof that we no longer have a free and objective press.

During a recent peaceful McCain march through Manhattan, so-called educated Obama supporters gave the peaceful marchers the finger. Any wonder why some refer to these educated pH.d’s (pile it higher and deeper, aka pinheads) and why these elitists are so reviled by the rest of us?

After this experience, I’m nauseated with the Democrats and will never ever vote for one again. And this comes from an educated economist who doesn’t share their elitist, Marxist views.


If you think that is somehow representative of the diversity of opinion and news sources in the world, you better take a closer look. I’ve been tracking the Election stories for quite a few months now and if you look closely you will notice that more than 50% of all the stories there are blog posts at – a Leftist proganda machine for Obama and his marxist fans.

This is the crowd that wants higher taxes, punish the productive in our society, steal from Peter to pay Paul, and silence all opposing ideas and solutions. This is exactly what Putin has done to the Russian people – he has silenced all dissent and discredited all sources of dissenters – just like the Obamanation is preparing to do when they get into office.

Mark my words, socialism is coming, and communism is right behind it. Be afraid of an Obama administration. Be very, very afraid. You’re rights will be gone, your freedom of speech curtailed and you will be publicly humiliated if you do not agree with their policies. They already did that to Joe the Plumber.

Colin Powell’s son, Michael Powell – former FCC chair appointed by President Clinton – has endorsed Senator John McCAin and has been actively campainging for him for months now.  Good to see independence of thought in the Powell family!

And speaking of families – Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, is also endorsing and supporting Senator John McCain.  And Black columnist, Star Parker, urges McCain to state the obvious:  Obama is a Socialist!

Black columnist, Star Parker, has been urging McCain to state the obvious — that Obama is a Socialist and that we do not want his brand of freedom which is more akin to slavery.

And world-renowned African-American economist and author, Thomas Sowell, points out to Obama supporters that they complain that Sarah Palin is a “heartbeat away” from the Presidency, were she to become President.  But Obama has EVEN LESS experience, none in an executive position.  Comparing Obama’s record to Palin’s – there is no comparison to make!  He has none!

Hermain Cain, founder and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza – also enthusiastically supporting McCain/Palin, said Obama’s tax policies will destroy jobs and send the economy into a deep depression.

We could go on and on, but you get the point.

To see how open-minded NY intellectuals are about free speech, dissent and diversity of open, one only needs to count the number of middle fingers in this pinhead pH.d. (pile it higher and deeper) crowd.

What a beautiful tribute to Governor Sarah Palin, the most accomplished and most popular governor in the United States.

Obama mumbled, and stuttered, and stumbled when not in front of a teleprompter with script in hand.  His voice annoys me – his tempo is robotic – very annoying to listen to.  In fact, some reports showed audience members nodding off during Obama’s answers.

Obama appeared to this voter, like an inexperienced college student, rather than a seasoned politician.  Obama’s answer to every problem is government intervention.  Sorry, folks, but that goes against everything I’ve ever learned from my parents who escaped the Nazis and the Russians in Poland, and the wonderful educational foundation I got in Economics.  Government intervention is the exact reason why we are in this economic crisis today.  If Barney Frank and his leftist henchman didn’t force lending institutions to make bad loans to those who could not afford them, and Obama’s association with the radical Acorn association that uses fraud and intimidation techniques against lenders to make bad loans and steal votes

Obama sounded weak, defensve, inexperienced and seemed to stumble alot in trying to find words to come out of his mouth.  He has no leadership experience, and seemed extremely weak on foreign affairs.

Healthcare is a right?  Says who?  It’s a commodity, just like everything else – food, clothing, education.  You work hard, you save, you sacrifice and do what it takes to get what you want.  You don’t get from A to B by being handed everything on a plate.  Obama’s philosophy is so wrong for this country and will only send this nation into a deeper spiral down the black hole of socialism.

Lawyers are scum and lawyers are liars.  Having worked for lawyers for more than 20 years, I have little respect for their tactics, and Obama is no exception.  His slickness, or should I say, sliminess, just seems to ooze every time he does his sing-song voice cadence when there is no conviction behind the rhetoric. Lawyers are nothing less than trained liars – with only one purpose in their life – to win at all costs.  Lawyers will turn your own mother against you if it will help them win their case, irregardless of the truth or morality.

Obama shows little good judgment in choosing associates or advisors to his campaign.  He believes in pork barrel spending, higher taxes, and shutting down freedom of speech with the use of force.  I predict that should Obama get elected, he will bring Communism to the United States.

Shelly Mandel, president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization of Women (NOW) has thrown her support to the McCain-Palin ticket. Boy, she doesn’t know what attacks are about to come at her, the leftist smears that smell of “I’m only your friend if you agree with MY DOGMA.” She will be the subject of vitriol and mouth-foaming attacks on her character. So typical of the Left.

Truth be told, ultra intellectual, professor of humanities and author of Vamps & Tramps, Camille Paglia, says Palin is the new kind of feminism that is emerging – strong and beautiful and with family values. Paglia said, “Palin represents an explosion of a brand new style of muscular American feminism.”

So progress is being made in the hearts and minds of even the staunchest of feminists. I count myself one of those feminists that is supporting Sarah Palin. After the slaughter of Hillary Clinton by the Howard Dean/Obama machine, I am thrilled to see Sarah Palin on the ticket.

Wake up America! This is what a feminist looks like.”