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Voting For Only One Reason

Posted: 09/25/2008 in Economics

I’m taking a lesson out of the Code Pink, NOW, ACLU, and HuffintonPost playbook – I’m going to vote based on one issue, and one issue only. They always used abortion as their Issue de jour. Mine is GENDER!

I am voting for the ticket with a FEMALE on it. Period. I have no other reason for voting in this election.

I was lukewarm on McCain until two things occurred:

(1) Hillary Clinton was abandoned by her party, and even though she got the most votes, she was trashed by Howard Dean and the male-leftist media that was bent on destroying her and her candidacy. The hateful, spiteful media stopped at nothing at destroying her name, using racism, gender, etc. in order to save and elevate their chosen Messiah, socialist Barry Obama.

(2) Since Sarah Palin’s announcement, the vitriol hurled and spewed by the HuffingtonPost, Daily Kos et al., passing off hate-mongering for journalism, (like Canada’s least attractive eunich, Heather Mallick, who compared Sarah Palin to a porn star). Mallick displayed her green monster for all to see. You can see why – Sarah is a beautiful and accomplished woman. Mallick is not. Perhaps its her plain jane-ness that has given Mallick so much time to spend on her writing, because god knows, that there isn’t a man on the planet that would want to sleep with her.

So, there you have it! I’m a one trick pony this election, and I’m proud of it! Go Sarah Palin! McCain-Palin in 2008! I predict they will easily win in November.


Slate magazine reports that Biden does not disappoint when it comes to gaffes.  When the FEDS announced the AIG bailout, Biden thought it was a bad idea.  Obama had to chide him for going off-message. 

In Ohio, Biden said he’s AGAINST clean-coal technology.  It’s not Obama’s current stance.  I saved the best for last:  In an interview with Katie Couric, Biden said when markets crashed in 1929, President Roosevelt FDR went on television and didn’t talk about the “Princes of greed.”  FDR said (according to Biden), “Look, here’s what happened.” 

TRUTH – FDR was not president in 1929, nor did television exist.

This should cause serious concern to voters across America about this man’s mental state.  If he can’t remember when FDR became President or whether television existed in 1929, America should take serious note on whether we want this nutty professor to have his hands on the trigger at 3:00 a.m.  I, for one, do not want that nut job anywhere near Washington D.C.  Perhaps it’s time to send him to the funny farm, not the White House.

It seems quite obvious that both Obama and Biden can’t speak extemporaneously (without being scripted or in front of a teleprompter); otherwise we are exposed to the serious mental problems of Biden, and the total lack of leadership experience coming from Obama who cannot take a stand on anything.  Obama reminds me of Kerry more and more each day.

Bill Clinton said Monday, “I come from Arkansas, I get why she’s hot out there…why she’s doing well.” He understands all too well that every working mom and family can relate to her. She’s accomplished, beautiful, a mom, and has bucked the system by fighting corruption in her own State and her own party. The Palins are a wonderful family, a loving family, America’s family. And she has an 80% approval rating as Alaska’s governor. And now, she is attracting Obama-esque sized crowds — 60,000 gathered to see and hear Sarah Palin in Florida this weekend!

And now, every World Leader wants to meet with her! Sarah’s caldendar will be full, meeting with international leaders during U.N. meetings this week.

Clinton goes on to say, “My view is … why say, ever, anything bad about a person? Why don’t we like them and celebrate them and be happy for her elevation to the ticket? And just say that she was a good choice for him and we disagree with them?”

Oh, but Obama media acolytes, Hollywood dummies, and ignorant Canadians who rather sling mud cross the border than argue issues (Heather Mallick and Pam Anderson come to mind) who can’t figure out how to make their own govenrment less socialistic, but spew their hatred and jealousy of Sarah Palin by calling her names. How childish, shows how truly desparate the Left is becoming.

Hah!  Good for you Greta Van Sustern.  Canadian loudmouth, Heather Mallick, compared Sarah Palin to a porn star.  Greta called Mallick a pig for her statement.  What Ms. Mallick did not realize by making that statement is that she just got all porn stars to vote for Palin!  Hurray for Mallick!  But please, have you seen this Mallick woman?  She’s not very attractive, rather mannish, and hates the fact that every man wants to sleep with Sarah Palin, that she is a gorgeous woman, and that every woman wants to look like her.  Liberals will stop at nothing for their communist religion – breaking the law, slandering people, breaking into their email, belittling their family.  

Sarah Palin has more accomplishments in her pinkie than Heather Mallick or any ignorant Hollywood mouthhole has in their obviously tiny brains.  They operate out of hate, plain and simple hate.  Heather Mallick is a eunich, devoid of any sexuality whatsover, perhaps frozen stiff in that cold Canadian air.  Quick, someone email Mallick the name of a good plastic surgeon.

The current financial crisis has only one entity to blame – the government, not the free market. Bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will only bankrupt future generations. This government-sponsored entity was to guarantee risky loans made by the private sector. Had these loans not been guaranteed by the corrupt and secretive Fannie and Freddie, banks would not have made these kinds of risky loans.

Even when Fannie Mae was being mishandled, those at the helm, i.e. corrupt Clinton appointees, Franklin Raines, and Jim Johnson, took multi-million dollar bonuses before they left the company in a shamble. According to Democrat Barney Frank, $245 million in bonuses were paid over five years to Fannie Mae executives (mostly Clinton appointees). Like pigs at the trough, and no oversight or transparency, government organizations like these two are prone to corruption and mismanagement. Why? By alleviating responsibility and accountability by risk takers (lending institutions), the taxpayer is left with the bill when loans turn sour. Bush did not create this mess. He inherited it from Clinton. Plus, these organizations pay no state or local income taxes, and receive an estimated $10 billion a year in hidden taxpayer subsidies.

Today, Raines and Johnson are economic advisors to Barack Obama. Do we want this kind of graft and corruption in the next administration? These Clinton hacks drove Fannie Mae into the ground, get rewarded with millions of taxpayer dollars, and are now working for Obama? And of course, Obama’s answer is to have bigger government.

The difference between McCain and Obama? Corruption. We now know that Fannie and Freddie gave more than $126,000 to the Obama campaign. That’s your tax dollars going into Obama’s pockets!

Bigger government means that more of your stolen paycheck goes to Obama and his henchmen so they can wreak havoc on the economy and its people.

The more these ignorant celebs spew their anti-Palin venom, the more McCain’s numbers improve.   Pam apparently only has knowledge about one topic – sucking.  One blogger named Gila Monster said it quite nicely:  “Tell me again why we should care about the opines of this peroxide-soaked, permanently spread-legged, silicone-injected, STD-infected Hollywood has been? ”

Matt Damon is obsessed with dinosaurs, and does anyone care who Lindsay Lohan is sleeping with these days? 

Sarah Palin’s been governor for over two years with an 80 percent approval rating.  How come these pinheads never made comments about her leadership and performance as a governor before?   Or weren’t they interested enough, or maybe they were just too self-absorbed and narcissistic to even have ever heard of the Alaskan Governor until John McCain named her as his running mate?

Surprising, even still, is that these fringe lunatics have not been picked up yet as election analysts for MSNBC!

Whoppi Goldberg showed her ignorance when she asked the “slavery” question. If she knew anything at all about American History or the Constitution, she would know that the Constitution provided a system of checks and balances and a system for making changes to it. It is called the Amendment Process. And the 13th and 14th Amendments made all natural born persons (including blacks) automatic citizens of the U.S. deserving of equal protection. The founding fathers were indeed smart. That is why conservatives and libertarians prefer that any changes made to the Constitution be made by Amendment, and not by activist judges legislating from the bench.

And, let’s not forget it was Republicans that freed the slaves, and Republicans that gave women the right to vote.

McCain is absolutely correct on this point!