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Obama lacks experience, wisdom, judgment, ethics, and morals. Choosing Joe Biden only fills in the foreign policy experience he lacks – sorta like Bush picking Dick Cheney for his VP. 

But Obama answered in his typical hollow, aloof manner that he does not know when life begins…it’s above his pay grade…a statement which demonstrates his lack of morals and judgment.   He is not middle class, and Harvard is a very expensive school…paid for by his rich white grandparents.    In addition, Obama has NO economic or business experience. He’s never run or owned a business – and clearly does not understand what incentivizes a business owner.  He is a lawyer – trained to win at all costs, irregardless of the truth or facts or what’s right.   Having worked with lawyers for over 25 years, I can tell you that their only goal is to crush their opponent.

Obama’s only solution to any problem is higher taxes – stealing money from taxpayers and redistributing it in exchange for votes to the greedy who seek government handouts instead of taking personal responsibility.   Eastern Europe, and even Russia, have all lowered their tax rates, touting some of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world – leading their economic revolutions, while the U.S. stagnates under regulation and taxes that are crippling our economy.  Doesn’t Obama know that that #1 and #2 reasons the U.S. is losing jobs to other countries are:  HIGH TAX RATES and EXCESSIVE REGULATION. 

Politicians like Obama don’t know change — only more of the same — MORE BIG GOVERNMENT — MORE TAXES — MORE LAWS. This myopic view of America will lead to even more businesses fleeing for friendlier environments, and frankly, I don’t blame them.  And if tax rates go up on dividends and investments you can be sure that investments and savings will be moving offshore.  Obama’s campaign is sending the message that the U.S. is unfriendly to business and business owners, and businesses are hearing it loud and clear.

Obama’s response to high oil prices is to inflate your tires (is this guy for real?); and taxing the oil companies.  He wants to punish oil companies – that only make 7-8% profit, while other industries make higher profits, like electronics.  Will Obama start charging a windfall profits tax on them too?

Obama is ignorant of Economics, has demonstrated questionable judgment when it comes to friends, mentors and associates (Rev. Wright, Tony Rezko, William Ayres – a lunatic white hating minister, a felon and a terrorist who hates America).  Obama, in my opinion, is a very dangerous man.  Beware of his winning the election, lest he unleash his gang of America-hating thugs on all of us!


Journalist Andrew Klavan wrote on 8/9/08:

“At a recent writers conference in Southern California, one of my colleagues on a screenwriters panel told the crowd of about 50 people that she hoped Barack Obama would win the presidency. A number of people applauded. When it was my turn to speak, I politely said that I disagreed with her politics and moved on to other topics. There was no applause for me, but several writers approached me afterward. Each dropped his voice to a whisper and, looking around to make sure no one would overhear, said, “Thank you for saying that.” Read the entire article.

As in journalism, not all Hollywood celebrities are obsessed with being famous, getting plastic surgery and wearing designer rags. Here’s just a small list of conservatives/libertarians who support Thomas Jefferson’s notion that – “the government is best which governs least.”

50 Cent
Aaron Russo
Adam Baldwin (not all Baldwin brothers are leftists)
Adam Sandler
Andy Garcia
Angie Harmon
Alice Cooper
Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator and CA governor)
Ben Stein
Bo Derek
Britney Spears
Brooks and Dunn
Bruce Willis
Chaka Khan (R&B singer)
Cheryl Ladd
Chuck Norris
Clint Eastwood
Danny Aiello
Dave Barry
Denis Leary
Dennis Hopper
Dorothy Hamill
Drew Carey
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Emily Procter (CSI Miami)
Fred Thompson (Law & Order)
Gary Sinise (CSI New York)
Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane)
Greg Norman (golfer)
Hillary Duff
Howard Stern
James Earl Jones (Black actor, voice of Darth Vader)
James Woods
Jamie Farr
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jessica Simpson
Jimmie JJ Walker
John Larroquette
John Stossel
Jon Secada
Jon Voight (actor, father of Angelina Jolie)
Kelsey Grammar (Frazier)
Kid Rock (Pam Anderson’s ex, rocker)
Kim Alexis (former super model)
Kurt Russell
Larry Elder
Lee Ann Womack
Marie Osmond
Meat Loaf
Mel Gibson
Mickey Rooney
Pat Sajak (Wheel of Fortune)
Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond)
Paul Sorvino
Penn & Teller
Rick Schroder
Rob Lowe
Robert Duvall
Russell Means
Scott Baio
Shannen Doherty
Shirley Jones
Stephen Baldwin (attended 04 Republican convention)
Susan Lucci
Sylvester Stallone
Ted Nugent
Tiger Woods
Tom Selleck
Tony Danza
Trey Parker (South Park)
Vince Vaughn
Wayne Gretzky
ZZ Top