Global Warming Hoax

Posted: 07/14/2008 in Global Warming Hoax
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Michael Mann, the so-called climate scientist who spliced together data from different datasets and created the hockey stick graph used in Gore’s Inconvenient Truth flick, is a hoaxster. When approached to do an audit of his science, Mann could not deliver the original datasets (says he did not know where the original data was) or where it could be found. This means that no one has been able to review Mann’s data and come to the same conclusions he did. In science, this is called FRAUD. Not one scientist has been able to review his data in order to try and replicate his results. This is not science – this is politics!

Today, Mann’s original premise that CO2 is the cause of global warming has been dispelled by thousands of climate scientists. The fact is that CO2 levels were much higher, some 800,000 yrs ago, during a very cool period on earth. And the medieval ages (1300-1400) was a much hotter period on our planet, a time with very low levels of CO2 concentration. Historical evidence clearly shows that higher temps occurred years before CO2 levels went up.

Mann and Gore want you to believe that CO2 levels are the cause of global warming, when, in fact, the opposite occurs.  Warmer temps cause CO2 levels to rise.  Yet the drive-by media and their leftist agenda won’t demand that the Scientific Community take a serious look at the data Mann collected to confirm his ridiculous hypothesis.
Mann’s research also ignores the obvious – effects of the sun, our orbit and degree of tilt or wobble have had far more significant effects on earth’s climate.  A good friend, who is a UCLA Graduate Meteorologist, was outraged with Mann’s conclusions because, as he said, “No credible climate scientist would ever publish such preposterous conclusions about climate temps without taking the sun and its effects on global temperatures into consideration.”   Mann’s research and Gore’s movie never mention these factors and how they influence global temperatures.

For more insight, read Stephen McIntyre’s talk to Ohio St. Univ May 16, 2008 – you can download his research paper at this website:

  1. tamino says:

    The only hoax I see is your post. The Mann/Bradley/Hughes “hockey stick” has already been independently verified. The results of one such work are reported here, and the data are available here.

  2. kristy4u says:


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  3. “When approached to do an audit of his science, Mann could not deliver the original datasets (says he did not know where the original data was) or where it could be found.”

    Wow, when this happens is sure stinks of fraud.

  4. There are hundreds of scientists collecting paleoclimate data. Are you going to tell them that they are all frauds? I would also like to note that the National Academy of Science reviewed Mann’s work after the controversy, and found it fundamentally sound.

    And if you really believe that climate scientists don’t know about about solar variation, then you and your friend really are fools.

  5. Ticktock says:

    You can see the sources of every one of Mann’s datasets in the link above. If you’re resourceful enough, I bet you can even hit the links to the original published papers. It’s not hard.

    It’s a proven fact that carbon dioxide traps solar energy making it hotter in the atmosphere. It makes perfect sense that the more co2 there is, the hotter it is. Distance from the sun makes a difference historically, but that doesn’t help us with our current crisis… unless you can move the Earth. Only superman can do that.

    Are you denying that we are pumping excess Co2 into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution? Are you denying that Co2 raises the global temperature? Are you denying that we have C02 levels nearly twice as high as any time in the historical record?

    That would make you a denialist. Prove it.

  6. Scott Fox says:

    Excellent article daxx. ‘Global warming’ is a scientific fraud used to justify increased global government control over our lives.

    ‘Global warming’ propagandists, like most all propagandists, use fear to scare people into giving up their freedom and their hard earned money.

  7. daxx8 says:

    Dear George Darroch: When I asked academic scientists about your comment – they said the peer review consists of reviewing the methods used of gathering and examining the data, BUT that the data itself is never looked at.

  8. johnrobert says:


    You are obviously depending on Mr. McIntyre for you information, which is ironic because while you refer to Mann as a “so-called” climate scientist, McIntyre really, truly, is not a meteorologist or climatologist of any sort. He is, or was, a businessman with a small minerals extraction business. He now is associated with the Fraser Institute, which is financed by Exxon Mobil and the Koch family oil fortune specifically for the purpose of engaging in global warming skepticism, not in climate research. McIntyre’s paper was published in a journal edited by a self-described “political scientist” and is not a peer-reviewed journal.

    None of this information is hard to come by, for anyone who actually cares about the truth and is willing to spend ten minutes on the Internet. But for some reason, god only knows why, you seem to have decided that we can only have freedom if air pollution doesn’t lead to global warming. You’re wrong about that, just like you’re wrong about global warming.

  9. civ4freak says:

    If you believe in the hockey stick graph (still after 5 years of lies), You Are A Moron. This has been dismissed by the U.N. itself after reliable scientists discredited its authenticity. In my personal opinion, humans are part of the problem, but the problem is simply more upon nature herself. We’ll have to adjust for now, but thanks for spreading the truh daxx. Keep up the good work.

  10. Scott Fox says:


    I’m not suggesting that all scientists collecting data are frauds, just the ones pushing the idea that human created CO2 is a catalyst for global climate catastrophe. And especially those stating that the ‘science is settled’. There is substantial scientific research which indicates that the human effects on the earth’s climate are negligible, and in many cases are beneficial.

    Carbon and CO2 have been demonized as harmful and destructive substances when in fact they are an essential part of of the earth’s life and climate systems.

    Furthermore, we must be VERY skeptical when men in power tell us to be afraid of something. Fear is the primary means for gaining psychological control over human beings.

  11. Ben Hoffman says:

    If it’s true, we’re in big trouble. A lot of people don’t remember this, but in the late 50s, a “blob” from outer space landed and killed dozens of people. It was frozen and taken to the arctic, where it remains to this day. There is no way to kill it and if it thaws, that will be the end of civilization as we know it. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  12. acarponzo says:

    I am still embarrassed that Gore got the Nobel Prize. The Inconvenient Truth is a piece of third grade propaganda. Written about as well as a third grader could write with science to match.
    If this stress you out, check out
    The election is just around the corner.

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