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Sorry, Mr. Obama, but as an independent female voter, I cannot vote for you.  I am educated as an economist and market analyst, and your policies on higher taxes and more government spending are wrong for America.  Government’s job is not to re-distribute income (that’s communism).  In case you haven’t learned in Econ 101 – a country cannot spend it’s way into prosperity. 

Government’s job is to protect our borders, our security, and our rights.  Nothing more.  You need to re-read the Constitution.  And, government should be doing everything to increase oil production at home, but your party refuses – and the Democrat-controlled Congress are responsible for inaction in reducing our dependence on foreign oil.  We have plenty of oil at home – but you have created a world run by terrorists.  Why?  Because you have funded them with American gas dollars.  Shame on you.  I have spoken to and with hundreds of educated females and they refuse to support your communist economic stance.  Americans want less government intrusion in their lives, not more.  Shame on you Obama for not protecting our rights, and only proposing stealing more of the money earned by the  hardest working Americans.  Stealing from the rich to give to the poor is still stealing.  And stealing is wrong!