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I wonder what global warming advocates have to say about the fact that China is experiencing it’s coldest winter in over 100 years if we’re in the midst of a global warming trend? The Midwest and East Coast are similarly being hammered with harsh winters and record cold. And oh, no word from Al Gore, the leftist media (NY Times et al.) and other hacks addressing the fact that the last two hurricane seasons were some of the mildest on record. Yet when the year Katrina and Wilma hit, those storms were caused by global warming. What were this and last year’s non-storms caused by? Global cooling?

All this screaming and ranting over a .66-.75 degree increase since the mid 19th century. That’s 150 years! Are these people crazy? One solar flare can cause that and more in an instant. These fanatics never address the fact that there are 4 billion more people on the planet exhaling carbon dioxide since 1850. And, according to John Coleman, meterologist and founder of The Weather Channel, Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” omits several facts, doesn’t tell the whole story, and in short is nothing but a big scam.

Does anyone remember reading the Iron Mountain Report written back in the 1960s, a secret report by government officials, that offered suggestions for alternatives to peace (i.e. how to stay in power and control the populace)? The report suggested that peace was not an option; that government needs to always create a problem (covertly, of course), or an enemy for which government is the solution. In this case, “global warming” is the fabricated enemy which requires government to impose more rules and regulations and more theft of tax dollars for their latest fictitious boogeyman. That’s how those in power stay in power.

The global warming religionists, aka fruitcakes, are praying that the world gets warmer, if for no other reason than their continued worship of their new patron saint – Al Gore. The liberal media whores worship the “global warming” mantra, but when evidence to the contrary surfaces in the news of late, they dismiss it as conjecture, or worse yet rumor. It amazes me how easily liberals are manipulated and turn an event into a religion. I think it stems from their deep desire to connect with something bigger than themselves. And lacking an real religious commitment or affiliation, they invent their very own religion. Yet they and their drive-by media henchmen are quick to deride Christians and organized religion.

What hypocrits. Sad, but true.


For the past several months that Obama has been gaining in popularity over Hillary for the Democratic nomination, I mentioned to family and friends that I suspect there may be an assasination attempt on his life either before the election (not unlike Bobby Kennedy’s assasination which I remember all too well), or if he is elected president, my gut feeling was that he would not serve a full term.

These were only instincts of mine at the time, but I see others, including this morning New York Times headline, fear the same.

Why? There are those fearing change – at least with Hillary or McCain, it’s the devil you know. But fear of the unknown is often a greater motivator. In those minds, something as simple as “oh, but his middle name is Hussein,” or Barack Obama doesn’t even sound American, or worse yet, “he never mentions the fact that he’s half Caucasian.”

But I recently did my own research, and have to wonder why Obama NEVER mentions he was educated in a Muslim madrassa in Indonesia. His real father from Kenya left his mother when Obama was two years old. He spent four years in a Muslim seminary. Why is he concealing his Muslim faith and education? Within the Muslim faith, once a Muslim, always a Muslim. You cannot go back. Under Islamic law, if your father is a Muslim, so are you.

Those Indonesian Muslim schools are financed by Saudi Arabia and they teach Wahhabi (the most extreme form of Islam) doctrine which denies the rights of non-Muslims. Why is the media darling not being questioned about his upbringing, his religion and his education? What is the leftist NY Times afraid of?

His black father returned to Kenya when Obama was two, and Obama never returned to visit his family there until long after his death.

I also learned that Obama lied about his father’s religion during the Democratic National Convention in 2004 saying his father was a non-practicing Christian. But where is the drive-by media on this story?

What bothers ME most about this guy, is that Obama calls himself African-American, never mentioning that his mother is white and that he is only 50% black. And not a peep about the white woman that raised him from the drive-by leftist media. Call it good PR, call it sucking up to the black vote — I call it deceptive politics. Shame on Barack Obama.

Daily Kos crowd are communists, pure and simple.  Leftists don’t give (as in parting with their own money) to help the poor, uneducated and uninsured.  Just ask, when was the last time a leftist liberal invited a homeless person to their home for dinner, or paid the health insurance for a poor illegal family, or offered to pay for the education of a poor, underprivileged child??  Liberals also don’t give to charity as much as non-liberals – that’s a fact confirmed by several recent studies.

They have only one solution to every problem – taxing you to death.  They view government as the big nanny they can rape whenever they invent another global crisis in the name of their secular religion de jour:  (“we have a moral obligation to accept global warming”).

Leftists are the Party of Greed – they only want to take what’s not theirs.  They want your money, your freedom, your property, and your mind.  These are the 21st century Stalinistas.  Best to stay away as far as possible from these parasites and wackos, lest you become mesmerized by their “feel good” crimes against humanity.