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I only wish that headline was referring to the U.S. Democratic Party. Unfortunately, it does not, and never will.

Our liberal Democratic Party is so leftist, so centered on government control of everything, from speech to airwaves, and telling everyone how they can spend your hard-earned money better than you can. They are nothing more than authoritarian thugs wanting to shut up all dissent and thinking. They want conformity and they want victims. Promoting victimhood, instead of opportunity is their agenda for grabbing more power.

Unlike Japan’s Democrats, which understand that freedom and widening opportunities for all can only come from greater deregulation, more tax cuts and more free markets, U.S. Democrats want to regulate and tax everyone to death. If you happen to be a successful or ambitious, the ugly authoritarian face of the Democratic Party here in the U.S. is planning to ruin your life, so they can sell more votes to the slave classes they are creating through amnesty, welfare, and other social programs.


L.A. Has a Pig for Mayor

Posted: 07/10/2007 in Economics

Antonio Villa-Salinas, Mayor Viagra-grossa, Mayor Villa-re-Bozo or whatever else you may want to call him – anything but mayor. My honest impression of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villas (I rather not insult his wife’s family good name)is that the man is a pig. Not only did he lie to his wife and children, he broke his wedding vows, broke his promise to his children to give them an intact home, and so easily and so smugly divulged his salient affair with Telemundo newsperson, Salinas.

As for Ms. Salinas — she is a snake, an unconscionable female who thinks it is ok and moral to sleep with a married man. Salinas is a whore that is not to be trusted, ever. She deserved to be demoted and lose her job. Women would do well to keep their husbands far away from this viper. I wonder if she realizes that she picked a guy who cheats on his wife and children? An old saying comes to mind that goes something like this — a tiger can’t change his stripes.

So we have a pig for a mayor and an opportunistic whore who will stop at nothing to advance her own lust for power. Both are not to be trusted. Their penis-vagina couplings broke a public trust and destroyed a family. Perhaps they were meant for one another. They would be doing everyone a favor if they would take their disgusting behavior back to where they came from. At the very least, the mayor does not deserve a vote of confidence from Los Angeles citizens (note, I did not say residents, as in illegals). I only hope the real voters of Los Angeles throw him out of office come next election.

What hypocrits Hilary Rotten Clinton and her cheating spouse! She barks at President Bush’s commuting Scooter Libby’s sentence (note, he was not pardoned), but how quickly forgets her husband pardoned criminal tax evader and traitor, Marc Rich. Bill Clinton was accused of the exact same crime as Libby – lying to a grand jury, yet Clinton received no jail time, and the drive by media didn’t even blink. But when Scooter Libby’s sentence is commuted, holy uproar! You’d think they never heard or seen such a thing before! Our stupid media whores don’t want to remember why Clinton lied to a grand jury, but want to act as if they are hearing it for the very first time. It’s mind boggling to me how loyal these whores are to their liberal pimps, but like the whores that they are, they don’t care that their pimp lies to the nation, cheats on his wife, betrays his daughter, and tries to convince us that blow jobs are not sex. So long as he is their pimp.