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No Free Speech in Turkey

Posted: 03/08/2007 in Economics

Well, we know they don’t practice nor respect free speech in Turkey. Turkish court ordered YouTube to be blocked in Turkey because, (oh my gosh!), there was a post insulting Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey. Free speech, as we all know here in the U.S. is the hallmark of freedom and life in a democratic society. Criticizing our leaders, or poking fun at them, is a way for us to voice our opinion of the job they are doing. It is one of our fundamental rights and what makes us a free and vibrant society. In some Middle East countries, you would get executed or beheaded for speaking out against its leaders.

By denying their citizens the right to free speech, Turkish leaders are hiding, or more accurately, ignoring the amount of dissidents there really are in Turkey. How else can a governing body make improvements, if they don’t listen to complaints and suggestions? A sign you are living under despotic rule is that the government does not care what you think. Take the free market for example. Free markets prosper because of consumer input and pricing signals. In authoritarian and socialistic nations, the markets don’t get consumer feedback, and are therefore less efficient. Perhaps Turkish leaders are not interested in a prosperous Turkey or promoting freedom for its citizens. The Middle East needs to wake up and realize power and control are overrated and NOT in the best interests of their citizens.

History has revealed time and time again, that governments, and men who cling to despotic power, will eventually self-destruct. Remember, power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Let’s watch to see what happens in Venezuela next.


The 2006 hurricane season has come to a close with NO major hurricanes being reported, and NONE that hit landfall. And winter of 2007 has seen only record snowfall and freezing temperatures throughout the entire east Coast. Where is the media and why aren’t they reporting this extraordinary phenomenon???

Remember last summer when Al Gore was ranting about global warming being responsible for the number of hurricanes and their intensity? What is the response by Gore and the drive-by left media about this year — that NO major hurricane occurred?? Does it mean global warning has been fixed due to man altering his habits?

His film, “An Inconvenient Truth” truly falls under the genre of “fiction,” especially in light of this year’s non-existent hurricane season and the fact that some parts of the polar ice cap are actually getting thicker.

Is it possible that the wishful thinking of Gore and his ilk simply made it so? Notice in his Academy speech after winning his Oscar, he said we have a “moral” obligation…. Aha, we knew it all along — the global warming mantra is really the new Leftist Religion de jour!

Is it possible the media is just too embarrassed to report on the 2006 non-existent hurricane season? They deserve egg in their face for the hypocritical nature in which they choose to report on events, conjuring up opinion pieces and reporting on them as if they were factual. Anything sensational goes. Forget about the truth. They don’t care about the truth because it doesn’t sell, and it doesn’t conform to their “religious” ideas.

Mainstream media, like Al Gore, are nothing more than tabloid fiction writers looking to find religion.