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How audacious of the Seattle SuperSonics basketball team to presume that a city like Seattle should even spend one nickel in building a new stadium for the Supersonics basketball team. Hurray for Seattle citizenry. Not every Seattle taxpayer likes basketball. So why should their tax money be spent on a building which they will never use or enjoy? Tax dollars should be spent on building/fixing roads and protecting all citizens of Seattle, not building sports stadiums that only a few will use and owners that will reap millions.

So why am I boycotting Starbucks? Supersonics Owner is none other than Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks, who basically warned Seattle that the team would leave unless the city provided a new arena. The balls of billionaire Schultz!!! He can take his coffee and his team to hell for all I care!

This “Rob Peter to pay Paul” mentality that has permeated American politics to the point that these sports owners are emboldened to hurl threats at cities if they don’t provide new arenas. Just as it is wrong to use my tax dollars on failing public education, cities across the U.S. should not be strong-armed by megalomaniac sports team owners to do their bidding.

Read today’s NY Times story for all the gorey details.

Hurray for Seattle for standing up and saying no to corporate welfare!