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Make no bones about it, the Democratic Socialist Party is already shouting that it will not make the current tax cuts permanent. And when they expire, those tax cuts will then become tax increases. On top of that, they plan to implement more taxes on you the working taxpayer. These people have no shame.

Tax cuts work, folks! Our economy is booming, production is booming at record levels. Unemployment is at historic lows. Not even Clinton enjoyed the less than 5% unemployment levels that the Bush Administration has. Thank you President Bush and Congress for cutting our taxes.

One would be insane to vote Democrats into power. They are obsessed with distribution, not production. One only needs to turn to Europe to see what we will become, if Democrats are allowed to increase Socialistic policies in the U.S.

As an Economist and Business Analyst, it is frightening to see what European style socialism is doing to nations there. It is destroying incentives, increasing welfare rolls, and bringing down the level of living standards for the majority to an all time low. I just got back from Italy and was aghast at how much poverty there is. They tout diesel-powered cars, but the stench and soot they give out are causing lung cancer and other respiratory diseases from this horrible pollution. They do not practice conservation, and with the level of cigarette smoking, have little regard for health. America looks like Nirvana compared to Europe.

Naples looks like a giant slum, with laundry hanging out of windows and balconies, and a diet that is high in pasta, bread, and cheese, but very little vegetables, fruits and meat or seafood. People can’t afford basics like a dryer, or microwave, and are forced to live in decrepit apartments. Most Italians will never own their own home, unlike here where 70% of Americans own their own home. Italy, a once glorious nation, is being destroyed by socialism. And Portugal, I’ve been told, is even worse off than Italy. These governments don’t care about their poor, but keep raping their wallets anyway.

I’ve seen the face of Socialism alive and well in Europe and I want no part of it. Personal responsiblity, not government welfare and bureaucracy, are the strongholds of this nation and we should continue on that path.

I am voting NO to all propositions as these only give power to more socialist bureaucrats who are foaming at the mouth, just waiting to get their hands on your hard-earned money. I see the Democrats, not as a jack ass, but a rabid dogs. You should too.


I just got back from three weeks in Italy. My husband and I drove everywhere – from Florence, Pisa, Bologna, Rome, Sorrento, to the Amalfi Coast and Naples and I can tell you that the smog and stench from diesel-powered vehicles made me sick almost on a daily basis. I have NEVER seen such awful pollution in my life. L.A. air quality is a hundred times better in my opinion. I’ve been back for 2 weeks now and I’m still coughing.

The diesel fumes made me nauseous, turned my face black from the soot, and irritated my eyes, nose and throat continuously. Even on the boat trip to Capri, we had to hover while waiting our turn into the Blue Grotto, and I thought I was going to die of diesel fume inhalation coming from the boats. I felt like I couldn’t find a place to catch a breath of fresh air. Only high up in the hills above Sorrento, sitting on our balcony overlooking the bay, was I able to breath better air.

Diesel fumes have been found to cause lung cancer. In my opinion, it is the worst possible technology that U.S. automakers can pursue. I just read a report that 50% of European vehicles are diesel-powered. They will be dying in droves of lung cancer and upper respiratory ailments. It made my trip miserable and I do not plan on returning to that smelly, diesel-fume-ridden place. Europe can have its diesel, cancer-causing vehicles. Give me regular gas engines.

If you really want to eliminate reliance on Mideast Oil, the answer is simple. We need to drill more in the U.S., whether it’s offshore or in north Alaska. Enviro “mental” types, who vote and peddle their influence against expanding drilling offshore and in Anwar, get to chose how they plan to kill Americans – through diesel fumes or terrorist bombs.