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OK, let me clarify that statement a little. Liberal celebrities do not contribute financially to educational institutions, while conservatives lead by example. In an article about a new book by Daniel Golden entitled “The Price of Admission,” the 9/9/06 WSJ points out that Ivy League schools recruit children of wealthy and famous parents at the risk of denying access to more academically eligible applicants. Why? Because wealthy families often donate money to these colleges, such as Duke or Brown University.

The more interesting observation Golden makes is that “celebrities don’t often contribute financially.” This clearly shows how leftist liberals give lip service to ‘giving’ more to education, yet won’t lead by example and part with their own money to show they care. They want the “GOVERNMENT,” i.e. YOU, THE TAXPAYER, to pay via taxes. Oh, they are all for education, yet won’t part with a dime of their own money to help a school in need.

Oprah touts her program for South African female students, yet hundreds of inner city schools (with mostly black students) lay in disrepair in Chicago. She has so much money that could do so much good in her own home town of Chicago, yet she would rather take her money to another continent. Why? Because liberals and celebs like Oprah Winfrey would rather have YOU, THE TAXPAYER do their bidding.

The poorest schools in Chicago could benefit the most from Oprah’s financial support. Think of the computers and books she can buy for students, and the painting and repairs she could accomplish – one school at a time. She could probably even get a school named after her. As a billionaire, she ought to be ashamed of herself for not making Chicago school children her top priority, especially black children in the inner city who have most to gain from a school environment that is clean, safe, freshly painted, and equipped with books and tools needed for the kids to learn.

Shame on you, Oprah, and your fellow liberal celebrity ilk. Shame on all of them for not putting their money where their mouths are — and neglecting the educational needs of America’s children.