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I am an immigrant. My family waited for 6 years after the war to gain legal passage into the U.S.

Trained in economics, I have studied the impacts of migration and illegal immigration, and it doesn’t take too many brain cells to figure out that ILLEGAL immigrants take way more than they are contributing to our society and way of life. Evidence can be seen in our overcrowded schools, hospital closings and welfare rolls that are generational and overwhelmingly Mexican. They simply do not contribute to our society as much as they take out, thus the negative return to our society and why hard working taxpayers such as myself are disgusted with the situation.

Their societal and family values do not place a high value on education or even learning to speak English. Few, if any, finish high school, yet most have several children doomed to a life of ignorance and poverty.

Illegals can also get free emergency medical care because the federal government set up a fund for them, but U.S. citizens are denied free emergency medical services. While I’m not advocating socialized medicine (I advocate a free market health care system), but it shows the hypocrisy in our government’s policies and its disdain for U.S. citizens.

The border should be closed and all illegals who have violated U.S. federal laws should be returned to their country. Period.