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This is how much trouble France and other European nations are in — they created a system where their consituents believe and demand that employers (the creators of jobs) guarantee their jobs for life. The proposed law, that French students are demonstrating against, would allow employers to fire an employee within the 1st 2 years of employement for being unproductive or did not work out. In the U.S. most employers can fire anyone at anytime for any reason. An employee is there to work because an employer has offered him a job that he created. French students seem to think that jobs are made out of thin air.

In a global marketplace that is getting ever more competitive, I wonder who sold them the unrealistic pipe dream of guaranteed jobs?? This is the kind of mindset that Socialism breeds. Socialism does not breed entrepreneurs, achievers, independent thinkers, job creators, or wealth for its citizens. Socialism breeds mediocrity, lack of imagination, stagnation, and a lazy workforce just looking to do as little as possible. Any wonder why their unemployment is over 12% while the U.S. boasts the lowest unemployment rates – currently under 5%?

Socialists think employers somehow “owe” them something. This kind of regressive thinking will only lead to a further decline of French jobs, sinking France into a deeper economic hole. The solution I highly recommend — is to educate the entire populous, not just students, on how a market economy works and that you cannot force employers to guarantee jobs any more than you can force employees to take them.

Socialists have to wake up from their pipe dream of having their neighbor pay for their livelihood and benefits. You French are all individuals and need to start taking care of your own needs and wants. That is not the duty of your neighbor to provide for you nor should it be.

A wise saying comes to mind in my advice to the French — Sink or Swim.