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Take a look at the website is organizing thousands of citizens to tell the FDA to stop prescription drug advertising. I THINK THIS IS WRONG – to prevent one type of business from advertising. It violates the first amendment right to free speech. Once again, liberals want to decide for you who gets to enjoy free speech and who does not. They don’t want to allow free speech if it conflicts with their world view.

Doctors and health care professionals, including the FDA, do nothing to educate the public about new drugs on the market. I believe it is vitally important for these companies to tell us about their products. You still have to talk to your doctor about the drug before he gives you a prescription. All these liberal elitists want is to take your rights away by restricting free speech because these self-anointed leftists believe they know what is best for ALL Americans. Don’t let them choose for you.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is seeking public comment on direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising. Tell them you want to see these ads continue.

I just sent my comments to the FDA. I hope you will too.


Eleven ecoterrorists, members of the radical Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front, were indicted for 17 arson crimes in the Northwest. These terrorists are no different than Al Queda or those who bombed abortion clinics. These extremists belong in prison!

Groups that try to make a point by using violence show lack of courage, patience, tolerance and virtue. Instead of cooperation, and a willingness to hear other points of view (which leftists have no tolerance for), they have an overwhelming, almost childish, need to throw a tantrum in order to get attention. These extremists use violence as their communication device of choice.

While I don’t necessarily equate these ecoterrorists with legitimate environmentalist groups, you certainly don’t hear cries for “justice” from the green crowd when ecoterrorists destroy private property and lives. In fact, I will go even further to say that environmentalists who successfully influence members of Congress to vote against drilling in Anwar are, in part, to blame for America’s dependence on Middle East Oil. What buying oil from the Middle East has done is — it has enriched religious fanatics to the point they can now reel their power with threats of violence and nuclear holocaust against anyone challenging their beliefs or lifestyle.

Since the U.S. is prevented from drilling on its own soil for energy resources, planting the seeds of democracy, freedom and a representative government in this region of fanatical, religious dictatoships, may be the 2nd best solution for the U.S. and the world.

Time will tell.

With an 82% rise in sex crimes in Vermont, you would think that Judge Edward Cashman would, at the very least, have given convicted pedaphile hard time or life imprisonment, instead of 60 days probation. Liberal elitists and leftist judges such as this are destroying our country by allowing convicted pedaphiles to go unpunished and walk freely, while the child victim who was molested for 4 years between the ages of 6 and 10 sits in an institution.

I am outraged that Judge Cashman has not been thrown out yet, or his resignation demanded. Leftists though, live in a dream world, and refuse to face facts — that no child molestor has ever been rehabilitated; that there is no cure for pedophilia, i.e., the desire to have sex with small children.

Shame on Vermont, their misguided judiciary, their wimpy legislators, and drugged out masses (is Vermont still the rumored leftist hippie stronghold it was 30 years ago?), and cowardly media, for not defending the poor victim. Or is it because she was poor and white that no one gives a damn that justice is done!

It’s amazing to me that the likes of Oprah, Joseph Biden, the New York Times and Washington Post would pass off fiction and plagiarism as truth and non-fiction, as if it were somehow acceptable, and even noble. I know I can no longer trust the NY Times or the Post for accuracy, or listen to Sen. Joe Biden without thinking, “OK, whose speech is he plagiarising now?” But now I have to wonder if anything Oprah says or does is truthful or is it padded, fluffed up, or otherwise altered to make her look good and right? Gore Vidal, who is famous for writing “Aaron Burr” and “Lincoln,” clearly markets his books as historical “fiction” even though his novels are based on accurate historical events.

For James Frey to march onto Larry King live with his mother no less, only confirms his desperation in trying to put a bandaid on this fictional fiasco. An old saying comes to mind, “Empty cans make a lot of noise.”

And to Oprah, all I have to say is “Girl, admit it, he wrote a piece of fiction. Quit lying to the public and save face.”

According to an American Demographics report out today, Americans are the world’s biggest spenders. This is great news because as a society, we are getting richer, we are buying more things, and our economy keeps growing. Spending rose 23% in the past 10 years, while no. of households rose only 14%.

One sad statistic is that 36% of all births in 2004 were to unwed mothers, up from 28% in 1990. Why is this important? Because single mothers earn approximately 1/3 that of married couples with children. That means more children will grow up in a home less able to provide for the child as well as depriving the child of a 2-parent home. In the last 5 years, the no. of single moms rose 11%, while the no. of married couples rose 4%.

Bottom line, the average household income is decreasing, despite rising affluence. Democrats are quick to blame the Bush tax cuts. The real culprits to blame:
the cavalier attitude single women have towards raising children and their ignorance as to the serious nature and magnitude of sacrifice it takes to raise and school a healthy child today. This cavalier attitude is perpetuated by our public schools and our welfare system, which rewards single mothers with a govt handout while discouraging bio dads from hanging around to care and provide for their offspring. Lyndon Johnson’s expansion of the welfare system (“The Great Society” program) has been a direct cause for the acceleration of this phenomenon.

Single women who continue to have children out of wedlock or absent a 2-parent home, are hurting their children most of all, forcing them to live in poverty, and causing the middle class to shrink as a result.

Liberals and Conservatives need to stress values and morals and the virtues of raising children in a 2-parent home if our children are to get the love, healthcare, and education they need to succeed in the new global economy. Government intereference (via welfare laws and high taxes) has only destroyed intact families and lowered the average household income, and is condemning an entire generation of children to poverty.