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The Good News is that there will be 54,000 less Union Jobs in the motor city. GM announced it will cut 30,000 jobs plus close 9 assembly plants. Auto part maker, Delphi Corp. is asking for a reduction of 24,000 jobs. Unions have no one to blame but themselves.  Stealing money from employers in the form of inflated, above market wages, and stealing from employees who are forced to pay unreasonable dues to union henchmen, will one day become a thing of the past.  Speaking to a long-time employee of Ford recently, he re-confirmed the assumption that many still believe — that union workers are lazier and not as productive as non-union workers — is still very true at Ford.

Or, look at union workers, or shall we call them “non-workers,” who instead of finding alternative work, choose to picket construction sites for months at a time. It’s obvious to this economist that these workers are not interested in working.

At the same time, the auto industry is crying there is a shortage of skilled labor in auto manufacturing. This too paints a black eye on Unions who do not, and will not create skilled workers demanded by 21st century manufacturers.

GM is cutting back because it has to. Nissan just announced it’s removing itself from California’s socialist business climate to one that is more open to creating jobs, like Tennessee. Unions and state governments who have been hijacked by these central planners (like California) are only assuring their own demise.  The more they cry and rant about higher wages and more benefits, the more jobs will be lost. California’s grocery store strike was a disaster in that more jobs were lost due to store closings, than union members benefitting from small benefits and pay increases.

Let’s face it folks – in this day and age, UNIONS ARE JOB DESTROYERS. Even Nancy Pelosi, the darling Bay Area hypocrit and script reader, who spews support for unions from one side of her mouth while, at the same time, will not hire union workers at her own vineyards and hotels.


I have stopped going to movies.

I haven’t seen a major Hollywood movie in years. Why? Because Hollywood liberals are hypocrits for at least two reasons. First, They have exported more jobs to Canada and overseas than all of silicon valley. Someone, please tell Jason Alexander to take his head out of the sand. Because of these pin-headed, coke-brained, spineless script readers, who think they have any opinion that the rest of us could care less about, the decline of California’s movie industry in particular, and California in general, is inevitable. California has lost tens of thousands of movie-making jobs alone.

And don’t forget that Nissan will be moving its L.A. headquarters to Tennessee next year, and the rumors that Google too will be leaving California for a more business-friendly state. California Democrats and union-strangled Sacramento are to blame.

Secondly, 86 hospitals have already closed in California recently because Hollywood liberals and their Sacramento henchmen want to give everything away for free. Liberals won’t use their own money to help pay for the health care and education of illegals; they want you, the hard-working middle class taxpayer, to do their bidding. When was the last time Cher took in an illegal family into her mansion, or Barbara Streisand paid for the education of even one illegal child, or Susan Sarandon cover the health insurance costs of even one illegal family????

Why won’t these phonies put their money where their mouth is? Because these greedy bastards would rather have you, the Taxpayer, do their bidding. It alleviates their guilty consciences.

Their actions only say one thing loud and clear — being the elitists that they are (i.e., liberals/leftists who think they know what is best of every person), they would rather drive the California economy into the ground — the very engine that produces jobs and income. Just look at Mexico to see what California is fast becoming — just another 3rd world country where the rich and famous live in their gated mansions on the coast, while illegals pillage our streets and rob middle class tax-paying Americans of a decent life here.

California is turning into hell thanks to Hollywood liberals and their Democratic union henchman in Sacramento. I cannot support Hollywood’s ignorance and malice towards a country that gave them everything. Nor will I or my many friends and neighbors ever watch their movies again.