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Governor Schwarzenegger is right. Union bosses have the legislators in their back pockets, wasting even more union dues money on false advertising instead of padding employee pensions. The loser is you the taxpayer. Unions have done nothing but lower the quality of life in California by driving jobs out of California or destroying them altogether. Just look at the fiasco from the grocery store strike. Consumers adapted by shopping at Costco, Walmart and other stores. When the strike was settled, the result was a higher wage for a few, while thousands have lost jobs and will continue to lose jobs due to store closings.

Public schools are nothing more than cesspools of mediocrity – lazy, incompetent teachers given a lifelong job while more qualified teachers who should be replacing these parasites of the public tit are denied the right to compete against less competent teachers. No wonder your children aren’t learning. I blame the teachers 100% and their fucked up unions who only care about themselves. Don’t think for one moment that they care about your children. A close friend of mine recently got a job as a librarian in a S. California school district. She mentioned to me just the other day that management complained that she was working too fast, and told her to slow down because she was making the rest of the staff look bad. YOU MEAN LAZY, DON’T YOU???

This is why I am for NO TAXES for public schools. Tax money spent on public schools is wasted on lazy, incompetent teachers and administrators only interested in keeping their tax-payed paychecks. As President, I would abolish public school funding and force those lazy asses to find real jobs.

The only consolation is that only 12% of all U.S. jobs are union jobs. The quicker we destroy more union jobs, the quicker the unions will dissolve. Thank you Ronald Reagan!

I’m voting yes on Propositions 74, 75, 76 and 77. If you care about the quality of education your children are getting, you too will vote YES.