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Posted: 07/05/2005 in Hollywood

These liberal entertainers don’t get it. They are offering their services for “free” (yeah, like in free advertising for themselves), getting you the poor schmuck consumer to cough up the price of a ticket to see them perform, which in turn, supposedly is going to eradicate hunger in Africa?? Nice try.

Collectively, these leftist celebs are worth billions of dollars. You would think that if they are so passionate and morally driven to help the poor and starving in Africa, that they would lead by example, and give up their rich and famous lifestyles and use their own money to feed the African poor. Seems way too hypocritical to me — they perform for “free” while enjoying free advertising, and you the taxpayer get stuck with the bill again. When are these do-gooder liberals going to put their money where their mouths are?? I’m waiting…..

Show me an entertainer or celebrity who has practiced what she or he preached? They are nothing more than empty cans making a lot of noise, using the poor and starving in Africa, to promote their own careers. How cheap can they get.

Liberals have it all wrong, again. They think “governments” of rich nations should be feeding these people. To them, like to all good communists and socialists, they believe that “government” is the answer to everything.

Haven’t they heard of giving in the name of charity, which is what thousands of non-profits and churches are already doing? There is no law preventing them from giving their own money to feed these people. No, they would rather force their agenda down every taxpayer’s throat using government force to make you behave the way they think you should behave. These PC pinheads do not believe in freedom or personal responsibility, or personal charity at all.

Shame on them!