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Wine is About to Flow

Posted: 05/18/2005 in Economics

It’s about time the Supremes voted in favor of freer markets and for the consumer. While lawmakers are boo-hooing the latest ruling abolishing the ban on interstate wine shipments, this is a clear victory for the individual consumer. Listen to what legislators care about — the ONLY THING THEY CARE ABOUT — the loss of tax revenue! This clearly shows why abuse of government power must be curtailed at every opportunity and I salute the Supremes for acting in the individual’s best interest and not the state tax collectors’ interest.

I am so happy about this ruling that I just signed up for home delivery of wine from The French Wine Club — where you get two bottles for French wine (which comes from smaller vineyards not found on market shelves), delivered to your door each month. This is the best service for the excellent wines that I have found! I recommend you give it a try!


Newsweek, New York Times, Boston Globe, LA Times, 60 Minutes and their ilk — nothing new with these hate-filled, America hating rags who pretend to be unbiased purveyors of news! Common sense tells us that they will stop at nothing to bring down the image of America and the values we hold so dear, lending moral equivalence of a book flushing incidence to video-taped beheadings of innocent people by Muslim terrorists. This is the same vile group of intellectuals who think that posing with naked prisoners is equivalent to the torture, murder and mass burial of thousands of innocent Kurds by Sadam Hussein. I am frightened to think that these journalists are a product of U.S. universities, which have become devoid of any appreciation for the values we hold inviolate – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It’s as if these leftists want Muslims to prevail! They want us to think that beheadings are common place and somehow justified? — while book flushing and posing with nude prisoners is vile and reprehensible. Give me a f****** break!

Where was the outcry by Newsweek when innocent after innocent was beheaded on videotape for all the world to see? Where was Newsweek when Daniel Pearl’s chopped up body was discovered? Where was Newsweek when Dan Rather and CBS put forth a false story about Pres. Bush’s military service? Where was Newsweek when mass graves were uncovered in Iraq recently? Where is the shock and horror coming from Newsweek journalists?

What is most frightening is that these leftist, socialist, communist journalists don’t care about freedom at all – their only agenda is to destroy the United States and everything it stands for. I have a solution — let’s send these psuedo-intellectuals to Russia, where Vladimir Putin’s government controlled media tells their writers what they can and cannot print.

The Boss is Dead

Posted: 05/03/2005 in Hollywood

An older Bruce Springsteen nearly put a Phoenix crowd to sleep on Sunday, May 1, 2005. Expecting to see the perennial “Dancing in the Dark” and “Born in the USA” repertoire, Springsteen got uncomfortably political for this Arizona crowd that is now in the middle of the Minute Man project at the border. Springsteen believes in open borders. Ideally, Libertarians also believe in open borders, BUT, and there is a big BUT in here — Libertarians would abolish ALL social welfare programs. No free medical care, no free food, no free welfare checks from the government and no free schooling for illegal immigrants. Libertarians believe that once the government has nothing to give, no free handouts of ANY kind, than problems at the border would be non-existent, in that only those who truly are coming here to find work would want to come.

So while Bruce has good intentions (don’t all Liberals, though?), they never come up with a solution to pay for their good intentions except to tax the hell out of hard-working Americans. Yeah — keep punishing the achievers in our society while rewarding the lazy, unproductive ones. Worse, these lefties NEVER want to use THEIR own money to solve the problems they like to complain about.

Here’s are questions I’d like to pose directly to Mr. Springsteen:

1. How many illegal immigrants have you invited over for dinner lately? Ever?
2. How many children of illegals have you coughed up tuition money for?
3. How many illegals are you housing, clothing and feeding??
4. How many inner city schools have you given money to?
5. How many medical bills of illegals have you paid?

You see, Springsteen wants YOU, the taxpayer, to pay for his agenda. But he won’t use his fortune to do so. You see, Mr. Springsteenm, there is no law preventing you or any other Liberal to give to the poor and help them out of poverty and sickness. In fact, studies have shown that conservatives give more to charity than liberals do. So, the real liberal mantra is:

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

Springsteen is so out-of-step with the times that his ideas are beginning to match his wrinkled old face.