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It’s been awhile since I’ve written. It’s not that I was busy doing other things, but more importantly, I did not have any pressing things to write about. For a week, I was swept up in Pope John Paul II’s funeral, his life and history as pontiff. I was impressed, yet again, by this simple man from Poland who invoked the ire of the evil empire, and through a collaboration of strong wills (his and Reagan’s and a sympathetic ear in Ghorbachev), the hope of freedom was born again in Poland and other eastern bloc countries.

This morning I skimmed the NY Times headlines, which I haven’t done in a spell, and saw something that irked me (which is not unusual for the NY Times). Non-profits fear losing billions in donations if the estate tax is repealed. Granted self-interest is the hallmark of capitalism, and I’m definitely in favor of capitalism over any other form of economic organization, but major charities need to shift gears. Instead of boo-hooing the potential loss of “tax shelter” money from wealthy donors, it should spur the creative juices of hundreds of organizations to ask for donations for the right reasons instead of the wrong ones.

Wealthy people should be inspired to give to education, medical research and those less fortunate because it is they who have the power to make positive changes in the lives of many people. Psychic rewards can be just important as giving as a tax avoidance scheme. As an optimist, I believe strongly in the goodness of man, and that given the opportunity, man wants to help those in need. Just look at the outpouring by millions of people who voluntarily gave to the Tsunami relief effort.

Wake up non-profits, and do as all capitalists do, and get creative. People want to give.