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I have made a conscious decision not to support Hollywood movies or watch their farcical award shows. Why you ask? Let me explain…

Ever wonder why Hollywood liberals love government programs, handouts and high taxes? They’ll tell you they want to help the poor and the distraught. But letting government do that via taxes only passes the buck. It says loud and clear that liberals don’t want to get involved, get their hands dirty, or part with their own money.

Sharon Stone recently stood up at an international conference at Davos and pretended to care by offering $10,000 to the president of Nigeria I believe, so that he could buy mosquito nets to help curtail his country’s malaria epidemic. She quickly rallied others in the audience into donating money as well. One man gave $5 million dollars. Stone, a multi-millionairess only gave a measly $10,000. That’s like someone earning $100,000 a year donating $100. Stone and her ilk offer pittance in the name of charity to assuage their own guilt.

Hollywood liberals won’t part with their money or sacrifice their designer rags and mausoleum homes, but they want to raise YOUR taxes so that the burden is on YOU the taxpayer and not them, to help the poor and needy.

In contrast, Bill Gates gave his wife $200 million to help innoculate the children of a small third world country. She gathered up a team of doctors and nurses and accomplished her task. No media fanfare, just results.

True compassion and charity is a voluntary act, which is best accomplished in a wealthy capitalist society. If we give the money to government first by way of taxation, roughly 80% is eaten up by bureaucracy, leaving less than 20% for the intended victims, i.e. gross inefficiency in economic terms. Direct charity, not socialism, will help diminish poverty, sickness and illiteracy at home and abroad, while minimizing the bureaucracy and politics of government taxation.

We should all stop supporting Hollywood movies, and put pressure on these Hollywood leftist elitists into giving their money directly to a favority charity or foundation or school. Better yet, instead of paying to watch their mostly dull, unimaginative and repugnant movies, give your money to the Salvation Army guy on the corner, or buy a meal for a homeless person in your neighborhood. You’ll feel much better!