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It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee! Here’s the latest what Christian and American-hating Muslims are doing within our own country. An innocent family was murdered because they were critics of Islam. Click here for the whole gruesome story.

I also think that liberals who defend these murderers should rethink their position and where their loyalty lies.


So let me get this straight – all these actors/entertainers (who are all multi-millionaires), are going to ask you to donate your hard-earned bucks to Tsunami Relief. They include: Renee Zellweger, Clint Eastwood, Meg Ryan, Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Ray Romano, and Robert Downey, Jr., amongst others.

Elton John, Sheryl Crowe, Annie Lennox and Nelly have been added as performers at the event that will be hosted by the biggest material girl of all — Madonna. Christina Aguilera, Diana Ross, Maroon 5, George Clooney, Kevin Spacey and Uma Thurman will also make appearances.

What I want to know is how much of their own money have they donated???

Madonna, how many of your millions have you parted with to help the Tsunami victims? Proportionately, this small group of wealthy entertainers could probably cough up as much money as millions of donations of $25, $50 or $100 pledges from the public. So why are these entertainers doing it? I can think of 2 reasons: (1) Free Publicity to boost their careers, and (2) Because when liberals feel guilty, they want everyone to pay, instead of leading by example the way Sandra Bullock and Michael Schumacher did.

Sheryl Crow wants you to believe that she cares about the Tsunami victims. Don’t believe it!

She plans to participate in a benefit concert along with others of her ilk to raise money for the Tsunami relief effort. So, let me get this straight — she and her cohorts are going to play and sing for “Free” while those attending or watching the concert on PPV will pay. So not one penny is coming out of her bank account, but all you little people who worship these selfish people are the real ones paying for the relief.

In contrast, Sandra Bullock donated $1 million of her own money to the relief effort, and race car driver Michael Schumacher donated $10 million of his own money. And Kobe Bryant is donating $1,000 per point of his own money to the effort.

How stupid does Sheryl Crow think we are? Big deal — she’s going to sing for free. What a cop out a lot these Hollywood leftist elitiststs are. They dare not part with any of their own money. But it’s ok to donate the money the public will be paying to watch these selfish jerks perform. These are hypocrits, folks, plain and simple. They want you, the public, and the taxpayer to pay for their guilty conscience. They really don’t give a damn about the relief effort at all. After all, it’s free publicity for them.

I for one am planning on boycotting Sheryl Crow and her music. I’ve already stopped patronizing movies with Hollywood socialists in them (e.g. Barbra Streisand, Susan Sarandon, Sean Pean, Martin Sheen, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, et al.). I cannot support the garbage coming out of Hollywood’s ignorati, nor tolerate the lack of reason and false compassion which foams from their collagen lips and botoxed faces.