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Citizens, along with a few dedicated public servants are joining forces to get the message across –> Stop Giving Government Benefits to Illegal Aliens. I agree 100 percent! California alone spends $8 billion annually on its 3 million illegals. That’s $8 billion that could pay for more teachers, upgrade schools, hospitals and police and fire departments. I urge everyone to go to Save California from Illegals and download the petition, get friends and family to sign it and send it back.

There is no justifiable reason to support illegal immigrants by giving them licenses or welfare or free schooling and free medical when we have needy families, job seekers and public institutions that need the money. Legal California residents, U.S. citizens and taxpayers should have the right to have their tax dollars spent on their needs, NOT the needs of illegals.

The solution? Round up all the illegals, put them on busses and drop them off at the door of Mexico’s do-nothing president, Vincente Fox!

I can’t take pity on illegals. They are diluting our way of life, taking money and services away from U.S. citizens, while contributing very little to the quality of life in California. If illegals can’t make the attempt to obtain U.S. residency and citizenship by legal means, then they should be sent back home.

And since our lawmakers are lazy asses, and refuse to deal with the growing illegal immigration problem, citizens, once again, have to take matters into their own hands.

Please sign the petition at Today!