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Posted: 09/30/2004 in Economics

CHECK DEBATE FACTS Online — During the Debates!

Here’s a very cool new tool for everyone to use while watching the presidential debates.


Posted: 09/14/2004 in Economics

CBS, RATHER – Purveyors of Propaganda, Not News

Shame on CBS and Dan Rather for pursuing a story based on plagiarized documents. The Left is so desperate to discredit and criticize President Bush, that it has resorted to propaganda, lies, and falsified documents in an attempt to promote its agenda. They have totally abandoned their mission to report facts and truths.

Like the New York Times, I can no longer read anything written by that paper and wonder if they are telling the truth? Unlike the New York Times, which immediately fired Jayson Blair for his inventing news stories, CBS refuses to fire Dan Rather. If they want to keep him on as an editorial mouthpiece, fine. But, if he is to stay on the CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes anchor, then CBS should immediately remove this unscrupulous man for his lack of journalistic integrity — in order to preserve its “news” status. Agenda-driven stories should not be distributed as “news” but should be clearly labeled as “CBS propaganda,” like Moore’s 9/11.

Posted: 09/07/2004 in Economics


He can’t even get his campaign message straight. To boot — North Carolina was ready to dump Senator John Edwards come November. Good thing Kerry swooped him up from the unemployment line.

After listening to a 3-hour C-Span interview with military historian, Professor Victor Davis Hanson, and having read his recent book on Afghanistan and Iraq, I am convinced that the War in Iraq is the right war, in the right place, at the right time. With terror training camps expanding in Afghanistan, and the unbridled nature of Saddam Hussein to bully his neighbors and murder his own, Hanson demonstrates that the Bush administration is doing exactly the right thing — taking the offensive against a long-overdue problem — the brewing kettle of extremist Islamic fundamentalism coupled with terrorism. Putin has also admitted that Russia must now take the offensive against its terrorists.

Prof. Hanson also points out that although terrorists seek to blame the U.S. and its western allies for its ills, an recent U.N. report reveals that the Middle East’s problems are of their own making — rampant poverty, illiteracy, gender apartheid, lack of viable industries, and corrupt leaders are the real problems which Saudi Arabia, Syria and its neighbors refuse to address.

To read more of Victor Hanson’s perspective, go to:

Posted: 09/01/2004 in Economics


While protestors are protected by the First Amendment right to free speech, more than 1500 have been arrested in New York City. Why? Because many did not have permits despite being told they needed to do so (how dumb is that?) and others tried to prevent delegates from getting off their buses, acting like animals and resorting to the violent use of physical force. Neal Boortz writes: “Some protestors dragged a cop from his motorcycle and beat him unconscious. Don’t you just love these Kerry supporters?”

And everyone thought leftist “peaceniks” did not believe in violence, only peace and love. Wake and smell the coffee America – the democrats and the left are dominated by violent, intolerant thugs! How can decent Americans think of supporting these hate mongers?

This blatant hypocrisy of the Left and its minions to use hate speech and physical force to prevent delegates from attending the convention shows their hypocrisy, lack of character, decency and everything Americans believe in. Lacking values and conviction in support of freedom and America, they prefer to denigrate our leaders in childish ways. Several U.S. soldiers in Iraq stated that this kind of behavior is precisely what our troops in Iraq and overseas detest most — when they see their efforts abroad not being appreciated at home.

The childish, immature, ignorant and violent rants of the Left only demonstrate further to the rest of us Americans that they are not fit to lead and protect our country.