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“Got this in my email today and was asked to share it with everyone–Look at the label of a jar of Heinz sandwich sliced pickles. Yep….”Made in Mexico.” Check out some of your Heinz products.

“Sen. John Kerry keeps talking about U.S. corporations leaving this country and setting up shop in foreign countries, taking thousands of jobs with them. He is right, because that has happened. However, he is trying to blame it on George W. Bush.  As far as I know, Bush has not moved one factory out of this country because he is not the owner of a single factory.

“That cannot be said about Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz-Kerry. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Kerrys own 32 factories in Europe and 18 in Asia and the Pacific.  In addition, their company, the Heinz Company, leases four factories in Europe and four in Asia.  Also, they own 27 factories in North America, some of which are in Mexico and the Caribbean

“I wonder how many hundreds of American workers lost their jobs when these plants relocated to foreign countries. I also wonder if the workers in Mexico and Asia are paid the same wages and benefits as workers in the United States. O f course they’re not. However, Kerry demands that other companies that relocate should pay the same benefits they did in the U.S.  Why does he not demand this of the Heinz Company, since he is married to the owner?

“If Kerry is elected, will he and his wife close all those foreign factories and bring all those jobs back to America?  Of course they won’t. They’re making millions off that cheap labor.”


If you can read this, thank a  teacher. I

f you are reading it in English, thank a  soldier. 


Please pass this on. I think it is important we get the word out!


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MICHAEL MOORE, the polemic filmmaker who likes to wear his “progressive’’ politics on his plaid sleeves, has made a fortune from bashing doyens of corporate greed. But apparently the provocative Moore doesn’t mind the perks of celebrity—even when they bear the label of big-time corporate America.

Moore recently touched down in California as part of his national book tour. He’s traveling in style—in a private jet provided by Time Warner, and in SUVs courtesy of his publisher, Warner Books. The company also threw in some bodyguards—as we know from his movies, America is a pretty darn dangerous place.

For his part, Moore sees no contradiction between his private life and his public image, suggesting that the only reason he’s feeding at the corporate trough is because it’s there. “I would never pay for this,’’ Moore told the Los Angeles Times, adding that the irony is not lost on him.

When you make your living bashing malicious corporate CEOs, it’s best not to remind people that you’re using giant media companies to carry your message.

After all, the bottom line is all about profits, not prophets.

Source: SF Chronicle, 7/26/04:

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The Heat is On… Fahrenheit 9/11RE: Temperature’s Rising (Just An Online Minute, 6/29)

Rich Davis writes:  “Is it news when a Website gets 101,000 visitors in a day? I think the DrudgeReport does that in a hour. But I guess that’s not news.”

Brad Kozak, Captain Digital writes:  “I wonder if you are aware that groups such as have made a concerted effort to get people to see Moore’s film, specifically to create a media buzz about the film, and to convince the general public that a majority of people are against president Bush and his administration. ”

“Unfortunately, this film has become a media circus (much like the release of Clinton’s book), polarizing the nation. Ordinarily, I would go to see it just so I could speak about it in an informed manner.  However, having seen a number of Moore’s earlier works, I am familiar with both his agenda and his tactics. It is obvious from his comments alone, that this is not a documentary at all, but a political screed masquerading as a documentary. It is for that reason that I see no reason to line Moore’s pockets with my money.”

“A few years ago, I seem to remember that a former Moore employee attempted to turn the tables on him, practicing a little ambush journalism on his own.  As I recall, Moore was NOT amused.  I prefer to have my news from an unbiased source, and to see opinion and partisan commentary labeled as such.”


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Thought you may be interested in this  brief bio of Mrs. John Kerry . She hates being called that, by the way —

Maria Teresa Thiersten Simoes-Ferreira Heinz married Senator Kerry in 1995. She only took his name 18 months ago.  If you thought John Kerry was scary, he doesn’t hold a candle to his wife!

Maria Teresa Thiersten Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry was born in Mozambique, the daughter of a Portuguese physician, was educated in Switzerland and South Africa. Fluent in five languages, she was working as a United Nations interpreter in Geneva in the mid-60’s when she met a “handsome” young American, H. John Heinz, III, who worked at a bank in Geneva. He told her his family was “in the food business.”

They were married in 1966 and returned to Pittsburgh where his family ran H. J. Heinz food company. He was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1971, and in 1976 was elected to the 1st of 3 terms in the U.S. Senate. A Republican, he wrote a burning diatribe against some of the causes backed by young House member John Kerry.)

In 1991, Heinz was killed when his plane collided with a Sun Oil Co.  helicopter over a Philadelphia suburb. The senator, his pilot and copilot, and both of Sun’s helicopter pilots were killed.  He was survived by his wife, Teresa, and their three young sons.

Four years later, having inherited Heinz’s $500 million fortune, she married Senator John Forbes Kerry, the liberal junior senator from Massachusetts. She became a registered Democrat and the process of her radicalization was set in motion.

Heinz Kerry is not shy about telling people that she required Kerry to sign a prenuptial agreement before they were married. John Kerry may not have check writing privileges on the Heinz catsup and pickle fortune, but he is certainly a willing and uncomplaining beneficiary of it.

A lot of hard-earned money, made through many years of hawking catsup, mustard, and pickles has fallen into the hands of two people who despise successful entrepreneurship and who believe in the confiscatory redistribution of wealth (SOCIALISM).

So how does Mrs. Heinz Kerry spend John Heinz’s money?

(1)  In 1995-2001 she gave more than $4 million to an organization called the Tides Foundation which support numerous antiwar groups, including Ramsey Clark’s International Action Center.  Clark has offered to defend Saddam Hussein when he’s tried.  

(2)  They support the Democratic Justice Fund, a joint venture of the Tides Foundation and billionaire hate-monger George Soros.  The Democratic Justice Fund seeks to ease restrictions on Muslim immigration from “terrorist” states.

(3)  They support the Council for American-Islamic Relations, whose leaders are known to have close ties to the terrorist group, Hamas.

(4)  They support the National Lawyers Guild, organized as a communist front during the Cold War era. One of their attorneys, Lynne Stewart, has been arrested for helping a client, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, communicate with terror cells in Egypt.  He is the convicted mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

(5)  They support the “Barrio Warriors,” a radical Hispanic group whose primary goal is to return all of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas to Mexico.

These are a few of the radical groups that benefit, through the anonymity provided by the Tides Foundation, from the generosity of our would-be first lady, the wealthy widow of Republican senator John Heinz, and now the wife of the Democratic senator who aspires to be the 44th President of the United States.

Aiding and supporting our enemies is not good for America, regardless of your political views.

If voters will open their eyes, educate themselves and see the real Teresa Heinz Kerry, they will not appreciate her position as ultra rich fairy godmother of the radical left. They will not want to imagine her laying her head on a pillow each night inches away from the President of the United States.

Hopefully they love this country enough to decide that the only way these two will ever be allowed into the White House is with an engraved invitation in hand.

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While researching something on Google today, I ran across a great blog site, that listed others interesting blogs.  Of course, I had to peek in to catch a few lines from several of the pickings.  My favorite was from John Jay Ray, a fellow blogger in Australia.  I had no idea they (he) understood the left-right conundrum that exists today in America.  But while growing up and getting his university education, John saw how most psych and sociology students gravitated toward a leftist point of view.  Here’s a smattering of what he has to say on the topic:


“Stalin’s remark that there was complete freedom of speech in Russia for anyone who agreed with him just about sums up what all Leftists aspire to. The “Australia-Rhodesia Society”, which I founded, was of course never meant seriously. It was just a bait that the Leftists swallowed hook, line and sinker. It is rather frightening how easily Stalinism emerges. The fascism of student “anti-Fascists” has to be seen to be believed. Hans Eysenck could tell you that — also from experience of having his public lectures disrupted and being personally attacked. The “Leftists” could as well be Hitler’s brownshirts. The behaviour is the same. It all convinces me that Leftism is for many, if not most, the cloak needed by people who want to push others around. Their real program is violent and forcible exercise of power. Their “good intentions” or “championing the underdog” rationale is simply flim-flam — the most successful way of justifying such a violent program (or of getting people to accept it). If the good intentions were real they would not be such liars or so vicious (remember Pol Pot, Stalin, or the Socialist Hitler?).


Leftists aka socialists, aka communists, aka Marxists, aka Democrats believe in freedom of speech so long as you agree with their agenda.  This I have found to be true here in the U.S.

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VP wannabee, John Edwards, shows us how to dodge taxes…

In today’s WSJ: “Senator Edwards talks about the need to provide health care for all, but that didn’t stop him from using a clever tax dodge to avoid paying $591,000 into the Medicare system. While making his fortune as a trial lawyer in 1995, he formed what is known as a “subchapter S” corporation, with himself as the sole shareholder.

“Instead of taking his $26.9 million in earnings directly in the following four years, he paid himself a salary of $360,000 a year and took the rest as corporate dividends. Since salary is subject to 2.9% Medicare tax but dividends aren’t, that meant he shielded more than 90% of his income. That’s not necessarily illegal, but dodging such a large chunk of employment tax skates perilously close to the line.”

Edwards, along with Kerry, want YOU, the hard-working taxpayer to pay the burden, because he won’t pay into the system. Kerry-Edwards want to punish you with higher taxes. Higher taxes are nothing more than slavery to the government. Don’t become their slaves, minions, doormats.

The WSJ piece goes on to say: “So when John Kerry and John Edwards say that they want to tax the wealthiest Americans, let’s be clear about what they really mean. They want to tax the most productive people at higher marginal rates and close loopholes for corporations, while they themselves dodge taxes by exploiting loopholes they plan to preserve.

“Mr. Edwards is right that there really are two Americas. The people who work for their money and want to keep more of their own paychecks. And wealthy politicians who want to raise taxes on the middle class secure in the knowledge that they won’t have to pay.”

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“Today, because America has acted and because America has led, the forces of terror and tyranny have suffered defeat after defeat, and America and the world are safer,” Mr. Bush said to a crowd in Tennessee this morning.

While leftists, liberals, socialists, commmunists, aka Hollywood hot airheads, argue the opposite, that America is worse off, when questioned for specifics, they cannot identify even one incident where Americans are worse off in America, or that there have been any terrorist attacks since 9/11. The evidence shows that America is definitely safer today, under Bush.

Today, we are safer, and our economy is rebounding at a 4.6% clip, all under Bush, because of (1) tax cuts and (2) Bush’s war against terrorism.

Democrats are obsessed about “feeling” good, instead of doing good. Case in point — Democrats stood by and did nothing, as Pol Pot and his left-wing Khmer Rouge tortured and murdered nearly 2 million Cambodians in the 1970s. Who indeed is the evildoer: the one who murders or the one who watches the murderer and does nothing??? Jimmy Carter, the coward, did nothing!