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Posted: 06/23/2004 in Economics


I have finally found a site that is showing positive news and photos from Iraq. Voice of America writes about the Victims of Sadam Hussein and shows photos of Rebuilding Iraq:

Voice of America, unlike leftist news sources like NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times and CNN who only report the negative, VOA shows us positive images and the truth about Sadam’s regime of terror. It shows Iraqis grateful for American involvement. Many Iraqis are now able to locate their dead and give them a proper burial, after years of not knowing what happened to family and loved ones. VOA also shows the improvement in the lives of Iraqis such as aid to women in business, more schools and hospitals open around the country.

Thank you Voice of America for printing the whole truth!


Posted: 06/22/2004 in Economics


It’s been called boring, shallow, incipid, and lacking a philosophical core. A man, not uninteresting to say the least, but disappointing to those students of history who were looking for more meat on the art of politics. Perhaps there’ll be a sequel when Clinton ages a bit more, and distances himself from the events of his presidency and focuses more on the wisdom he acquired during his presidency. That’s the book I would like to read.

MediaPost writes of “My Life”: “From what I can tell, reviews of the Clinton book have been less than stellar. Take the review from Associated Press writer Jerry Schwartz who finds the book dull. Schwartz writes: “Here is one of the most fascinating figures of his time, a charismatic and brilliant man – a fatherless boy who rose from humble beginnings to live, in his own words, ‘an improbable life’ – and he has produced a book that lacks anything more than the most rudimentary insights. This master politician does not even offer a single good discussion of the art of politics.”

“Clearly, Schwartz is disappointed. He faults the book’s “relentlessly chronological” flow the effect of which he calls “mind-numbing.” Schwartz says, “It’s like being locked in a small room with a very gregarious man who insists on reading his entire appointment book, day by day, beginning in 1946.”

There are several other disappointed reviewers. But all in all, I suspect that sales will be robust, especially online and that our former president, such a larger than life figure, a rock star of sorts, will fare well. He has a knack for landing on his feet in nearly every seemingly unconquerable circumstance.

Posted: 06/21/2004 in Economics


In a meeting with soldiers this past weekend in Texas, McCain stood firmly united with Bush in the war against terrorism.

“It’s a big thing, this war, a fight between two ideologies completely opposed to each other,” Mr. McCain told the soldiers, many of whom fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. “It’s a fight between a just regard for human dignity and a malevolent force that defiles an honorable religion by disputing God’s love for each and every soul on Earth. It’s a fight between right and wrong, good and evil. It’s no more ambiguous than that.”

Mr. McCain added that should the enemy acquire chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, “this war will become an even bigger thing, it will become a fight for survival.”