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Scary Kerry

Posted: 03/30/2004 in Politics

John Kerry is lying through his teeth when he says he wants to cut taxes for the middle class. He has NEVER voted to reduce taxes. He voted AGAINST Bush’s latest tax cuts. He voted AGAINST lowering the tax on dividends, which so many of the elderly depend on. Kerry has a French cousin who is a prominent member of the Socialist Party in France. Any wonder why France wants Kerry over Bush? Kerry is basically a socialist, a collectivist, a lover of big government stealing all your hard-earned money. He wants to destroy the American spirit of entreprenuership, invention and innovation.

Kerry will hand over the U.S. to the terrorists on a silver platter. So, if you want higher taxes, more regulations, more isolationist decrees, and more socialism, less freedom, more control of the media, journalism, and spoken language by leftists trying to tell you what you can say, eat, write or buy, then vote for the man who wants to control your entire life and your wallet. Because Mr. Flip Flop on every issue knows better than you do what’s good for you and what’s not. Do you want a man who has no principles, lies to the camera about what happened in Vietnam, changes his mind every time he votes on an issue and willl raise your taxes? Then vote of Kommunist Scary Kerry.


Once again, JOHN KERRY is misleading America. John Kerry wants to cut taxes for the middle class. What about the top 5% who pay more than 50% of all taxes? Huh Kerry??? Kerry only wants to cuts taxes for those people who are most likely to vote for him. Let’s face it. He is not interested in being fair, or balanced, or even giving tax breaks to the biggest tax payers in the U.S.

Kerry is a flake who flip flops on every issue. And I thought Al Gore was bad when he couldn’t respond to a question until a poll was taken to see which way public sentiment was leaning. Kerry is more blatant and brazen than that! He doesn’t care if he flip flops on almost every issue. He’s a left wing nut who only wants one thing – power to create a more socialistic, communistic society. He calls that progress. He hasn’t been to Europe lately where unemployment is in double digits (even 12% in European economic leader, Germany) and the healthcare systems in Canada and Sweden would be ranked 51 and 52 if both countries were states in the U.S. Canada has a shortage of doctors (because they are migrating to the U.S. in droves) and Sweden’s system is nearly bankrupt.

Kerry is bad for America, and bad for every hard-working American who pays taxes, invests in U.S. stocks and runs a small business. The top tax payers are also the job creators in America. Punishing them with higher taxes only means higher unemployment and fewer jobs under a Kerry Administration.

Keep America strong and keep Bush in office. I say America needs more tax cuts, less regulation, and fewer socialist nuts like Kerry who spew four letter obscenities in public and on his web site. You should have heard Matt Drudge’s rants about the f*** and s*** words and the number of times they appear on his official campaign site. What is Mr. Foul Mouth Kerry trying to prove anyway??

Just say NO to Kerry!

I recently started getting the LA Times delivered at my doorstep. Thinking they had the wrong apt, I left a note. The paper delivery continued another week. I finally called the LA Times and told them I never subscribed to their leftist paper. The woman apologized and told me I did not have to pay the invoice that was mailed to me.

Not only that, she tried to get me to extend my already fictitious subscription trying to convince me of the value of the paper. I replied that I would never subscribe to that Communist paper. Although I give her an “A” for tenacity, she never heard a word I said. So much like the leftist movement in this country. It’s all about them, all about their pet projects, or current pet victims (gays, unions, illegal immigrants) that they block out the rest of the world, because they don’t wan’t to hear it. What I find most disturbing is their apparent lack of reason and common sense.

One theory I’ve heard from a genetic point of view is that leftists, liberals, commies, pinkos or whatever you choose to call them, actually have a mental defect, in that they are incapable of using reason. Every action they take has to result in feeling good about themselves.

They do not care about the outcome of a particular government program or how much it costs so long as they think they are doing good. Nor do they care about limiting all of our freedoms with more laws and higher taxes. In economic terms, this euphoria they feel is called a “psychic reward” – you do not actually participate in helping others yourself (why that would take time, money and effort and infringe on their life), but leave it up to the government to do your bidding so that you can feel good that you at least thought about doing something good for those less fortunate.

I am willing to bet that there are more good works, direct charity and volunteerism among conservatives, libertarians and republicans, especially faith-based initiatives then amongst the left. For liberals, government is their big charity. Government (their charity of choice) takes your money by force (taxes or men with guns, i.e. police power of the state).

For a society to move forward, it must move towards ever-incresing its voluntary actions not diminishing them. People must not be forced to contribute to charitable causes. Instead they should be free to choose to help the cause of their choice. This diminishes not only everyone’s freedoms to do as we please with our money and property, but it also makes us care less for those the left is trying to help.

Charity, if it is to work at all must be a voluntary action, one that an individual can participate directly by volunteering his time, or indirectly by contributing money.