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The hypocrisy of the Hollywood Left knows no bounds.

So, let me get this straight. Rosie, who is now thinking of marrying her longtime girlfriend, thinks President Bush’s stance on gay marriage is vile and hateful. So why didn’t Rosie and her ilk get hysterical and condemn President Bill Clinton when he opposed gay marriages. Why didn’t she scream and shout about gay marriage ten years ago? Huh? Why the double-standard now by leftist hypocrits?? And why does this self-loathing hysteric suddenly want to be married???

What’s truly vile and hateful is the left’s agenda — to promote the left and only leftist politicians and their utterances. The exact same words could come out of Clinton’s and Bush’s mouths but the left will condemn Bush while embracing Clinton as their hero. Why are these people so blatantly stupid??? Can’t they think for themselves??? Apparently not.


Hollywood and their leftist media buds have one thing in common – protect Jews at all cost because they own Hollywood and because media darlings love to bash Christians and Catholics or anyone embracing religion for that matter. It amazes me how little has changed in 2,000 years. There is enough evidence that the extermination of 6 million Jews did occur in Europe 1939-1945. So why would anyone care what Mel Gibson’s father thinks? I don’t give a damn what Mel or his father think about the Holocaust. Hutton Gibson didn’t make the film, Mel did.

It truly amazes me how Hollywood Jews, their sympathizers and their media henchmen now accuse Mel of thinking the Holocaust did not occur. They will say anything to shine negative media attention on Mel Gibson while playing up the victim card on themselves, as if Mel Gibson singlehandedly decided to pick on Jews in his epic film on the death of Christ. Give me a break!

And…since when did this film become a conversation about Mel Gibson or his father? This is typical of why left media bias is so transparent — they divert attention when their interests are being attacked, and engage in 1-sided ad hominum attacks. It’s their modus operandi — promoting leftist positions, instead of promoting fair and balanced reporting. A fair and balanced journalist or newspaper would give both pros and cons and let the reader decide. But that’s not the agenda of the left media. Their goal is to hegemonize their irrational views on an unsuspecting public.

The truth of the matter is that Romans and Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus. So if the leftist media and Hollywood Jews choose to get histerical over historical fact, it’s time to stop crying over spilt milk. Six million Jews died during WWII, regardless of what Mel Gibson’s father thinks. The fact of the matter is that Jews and Romans killed Jesus. End of story. And although I am an agnostic, I was very interested in seeing the film for artistic reasons and because I like Mel Gibson’s work both as an actor and as a director. Now go and enjoy this very powerful and moving film. I highly recommend it and give it four stars!

Despite all the promise of pollution-free vehicles, a transportation system based on hydrogen fuel cells is anything but a sure bet, members of a National Academy of Sciences panel concluded last week. Even if the most optimistic predictions prove true, and the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicles reach commercial showrooms by 2015, it would take at least another quarter-century before they have a major impact on the market, the panel concluded. “This is a tremendously important, transforming opportunity we are talking about, but it’s not going to happen with current technology and current knowledge,” said Dan Sperling, a panel member and director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis. The report was designed mainly to guide research programs and set priorities for hydrogen development at the U.S. Department of Energy. Backed by a year of study, the report is perhaps the most comprehensive nonpartisan attempt yet to analyze hydrogen’s potential, along with its drawbacks

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

So, for all you enviro-wacko nuts, it’ll be a while before we will see hydro cars on the road. For now, petro based vehicles are here to stay for at least the next 20 years. And if you really want things to happen faster, invest your own money into hyrogen research. Quit stealing from taxpayers to assuage your guilty conscience and put your money where your mouth is for once!