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Dear Senator McClintock:

As a Libertarian I supported you for years. I recently re-registered as a Republican, not because I have strayed from my Libertarian ideals, but because I want my voice to be heard in the next presidential primary and 2004 elections. Rather than be a staunch supporter of a party whose values will never be heard, or candidates that will never get elected, I am doing the practical thing to advance my libertarian ideals, working within the Republican Party.

Tom, while you are the best candidate for the job, you cannot win this race. Winning is not always about who knows more, or who is most stubborn about the issues. And running for Governor is NOT about abortion.

Arnold can win. You can’t. While he may not have your knowledge of our state govt, Arnold exhibits leadership qualities, passion, charisma — all the things we need in a Governor. All the things you lack. You are not a leader, Tom — not in this race. Arnold will need a strong partner in the senate to get bills passed or undone.

You would also be the ideal candidate to run against Barbara Boxer in 2004. It is more important to get a Republican Governor NOW and get you elected as a U.S. Senator next year!!!

Please, please, please Tom, do the right thing and step aside. Many predict your stubbornness will end your political career, because you are putting your own personal ambitions ahead of the good of the State and the Republican Party. If you split the vote and cause Bustamecha to get elected, your political career will be finished, and I will never be able to forgive you or support you in the future because you put personal amibitions ahead of what’s best for Californians and for the Republican Party. Think of us, not yourself.

We all need to work together and this race is not about YOU. It’s about California! Help us rid the state of the vermin that occupy it now – Davis and Bustamente.

Step aside from the race and support ARNOLD for Governor. It’s the right thing to do!


Anyone is better than chameleonic Joe “Grey” Davis and his mud-slinging machine. Despite destroying the California economy (the nation’s largest) singlehandedly, he has the balls to ask taxpayers to keep him on?!? More faces than Al Gore in the 2000 election, Gray Davis is now pretending to be the people’s governor. He only wants to cater to any minority that might vote for him by throwing them bones and more government freebies. That’s how liberals operate folks! More than 2,000 business owners recently attended a forum for business owners, at which Gov. Davis spoke. The business owners were eager to hear the Governor and how he proposes to help small businesses stay in the state and continue doing business in California. Immediately, after his 20 minute canned speech, Davis quickly left the room before anyone was allowed to ask him any questions! And he calls himself ‘friendly to business’?!?!?! He is a scammer folks and it’s time to vote him and his ilk (Bustamente) out of office!

Former Klansmen and former Nazis don’t get a pass, but the New York Times and LA Times are giving Bustamente a pass on his affiliation with a known racist organization, Mecha. Doesn’t this tell you something about the politics of the NY Times and the LA Times? Pro-American and Pro-Freedom they are not. And Cruz Bustamente, a former card-carrying member of this most racist, bigotted organization, thinks his brand of racism is what is best for California. Bustamente hates blacks (who he as openly called “niggers,” Jews and all non-Hispanics. The NAACP should be outraged and withdraw their support for Mr. Bustamente. Both governor low beam Davis and racist Bustamente have little to offer California except higher taxes, more regulations and less freedom. And the only negative comments they can fling at Arnold are his interview with Oui magazine several years ago. Have they forgetten what Clinton did while he was in office with a certain blue dressed young intern? The hypocrits are at it again. It is these two extermist left-wing, tax loving liberals, which are the most negative, mean-spirited, fouled mouthed, mud slinging paranoid politicians I have ever seen. These rants have only solidified my endorsement of the next governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger!