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As she talks about her almost perfect, idyllic life as the wife of Jordan’s King Hussein, Lisa Halaby (Queen Noor) repeatedly expresses her anti-American and anti-Israel views. Yet she and other Arabs continue to ignore history, when millions of Jews lived in the region during the time of Christ (over 2,000 years ago). So because fanatical Arab Muslims wish to blindly obey a dead man’s rants (Mohammed), according to Muslims, Jews and non-Muslims must be killed and removed from the region. And then, she goes on to say, despite her own luxurious lifestyle, the most she ever did for women of Jordan was to start a rug initiative? You’ve got to be kidding! C’mon now! All those years of living in wealth and luxury, and that’s ALL she did for women?

I am ashamed and embarrassed to call her a woman and a former American. Let’s face it, Queen Noor is a bigot and racist and clearly un-American. Granted, she has right to her opinions, but I find it ironic that spoiled rich pre-madonnas like Lisa Halaby are given even the slightest bit of noteriety, much less credulity, despite not having done anything to better the lives of women in her own country.

Queen Noor of Jordan is an ugly American in my book.  Please stay in Jordan, where you belong.