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A Patriot to the Death

Posted: 07/24/2003 in Politics

Although a left-wing liberal’s show of patriotism may differ from that of a right-wing conservative’s display of patriotism, it is disturbing how the left is critical of ANY display of patriotism. And while criticism of govt policies in America is welcome from all points of view, it by no means is the essence of patriotism. Patriotism is devotion to one’s country, not one’s government. It is based on principles that our founding fathers shed their blood for…liberty. As Dems and Reps attack each other, it is the right to do so that we are protecting, not that one view or the other is correct. And it is the soldier that guarantees our freedom, not a left or right perspective. Only a strong military can guarantee that Democrats and Republicans will continue to have the right to criticize each other. And, a true patriot is one that is willing to die for those principles of liberty. As Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty or give me death.”

My own family risked its lives during WWII escaping from Poland, running from both the Germans and the Russians. My father was determined never to live under a repressive regime, and so ran from oppressors for nearly ten years, a journey which took his family of 6 to America after the war. I am so grateful to my father for giving me this love of liberty. Dziekuje tatus!


I say Kobe is being framed by a little miss wanna-be-groupie, who almost auditioned for american idol. Her hysteria a week after the alleged “incident” is preposterous and as a woman I find her to be totally not credible. It’s pretty obvious that her only intent was to lay her claim to fame by nailing a Laker named Kobe Bryant. Her desire for fame and fortune is backed up by her incessant groupieness (known to all who know her), her previous 911 calls and accusations, her desire to become famous on American Idol, and her obvious ploy to get entangled with a married man who is married to another woman. This woman smells of deceit and her immoral behaviour is shameful and disgusting to say the least. Furthermore, she has no respect for other women. Ladies, beware of your female friends who prey on other women’s boyfriends and husbands. Your beau or hubby might be their next victim.

Ms. Goody 2-shoes? I think not. Any woman who deliberately entices a married man (who is not her husband) to have sex with her is a conniving, manipulative, ego-centric bitch. Too bad that Kobe didn’t figure this out for himself.

To add insult to injury, NY is further curtailing commerce in the State of NY. Chase Manhattan Automotive Financing Corp. has quit leasing in New York as of Thursday, July 10, 2003.

“Calling it a response to what it called “an outdated law,” Chase Manhattan Automotive Finance Corporation, a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase Bank, and the largest non-captive purchaser of loans and leases in the United States, exited the auto leasing business in New York effective July 1. Chase said its decision was made solely in response to a portion of law known as “vicarious liability” that holds leasing companies responsible for accidents involving their leasing customers. Chase had publicly announced it would ditch the auto leasing business in New York on July 1 if the law were not changed.

So now, 25% of car drivers in NY who currently lease a car will no longer be able to do so. How’s that folks for govt bureaucrats doing everything possible to further deny your freedoms and curtail your commerce transactions. What lunacy!  Why not replace the “Big Apple” with the “Big Hammer and Sickle,” the destroyer of freedom and commerce and choice and liberty! Our founding fathers warned that democracies tend to deteriorate into totalitarian states. Looks like New York is already on its way.