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I always thought there was a lot of hype to these so-called air purifiers designed to be trendy yuppie icons one gets at Sharper Image or are touted by radio talk show personalities like Dr. Laura, Bill Handel and Larry Elder. But no more am I a doubting Thomas. We just purchased a Living Air Classic air purifier because I could not live with the mustiness and mildew smell that drowned me everytime I walked into our ground floor apartment. I tried Lysol spray and bleach water to clean out under kitchen cabinets, but nothing seemed to work…until now! We’ve had the Living Air Classic hooked up and running for about 3 days now and surprisingly there is no scent or hint of mold or mildew. In addition, it is supposed to eliminate dust, and reduce the amount of airborne particles, and bacteria floating around your indoor environment. Plus it adds ozone (activated oxygen) — so it almost smells like after a rain. I guess that’s why it’s been nicknamed “thunderstorm in a box.” I am in love with my air purifier. So, if I’ve joined the ranks of the would-be trendy, so be it. It’s nice to breathe clean air for a change, instead of musty air and dust and bacteria.


A New York law prohibiting cigarette sales via the Internet or mail order to state residents takes effect today…” OK, so if you are caught purchasing cigarettes over the Internet, in New York, you will not pass go and you will go to jail. Whoa! Man, what is this country coming to? Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot must all be laughing from their graves! I would bet that Sadam Hussein is probably laughing himself silly right now too! With each passing day, the extreme leftist liberals, aka, Democrats, aka Socialists, aka Communists, are destroying our personal freedoms by trying to tell everyone what’s in our best interest. They want to control your thoughts, your speech, your eating, smoking and drinking habits, and they want all your money too.  This is what America’s come to? This is the future of America?  It is more like a dreaded nightmare from George Orwell’s “1984.”  Clearly, liberal philosophy is bringing about the decline of western civilization and those who cherish freedom all over the world.